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The future direction of the centrifuge in China price

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Previous centrifuge price position basic control in the U. S. a few big brands, over the years the centrifuge price has remained at a high level. In recent years, with further rise of domestic brands, centrifuge diversified pattern is more obvious. Centrifuge technology at present in our country and international advanced level there is a long distance, there is no denying that some of the centrifuge can stand at the top of the world of the centrifuge in some respects, but on the whole there are still some gaps.
in the face of centrifuge industry present situation, we believe that centrifuge industry will change in the future is the size of the market, market sales system, the integration of management system, etc. Affected by the environment, and the number of 2012 civil projects not only even has always been a strong government projects than usual, previous orbit transportation, aerospace and other fields, in this year's few winning. Second, the centrifuge price war intensified. In order to change this situation, some brands regardless of the cost of low price, delivery and the sacrifice for the prosperity of the centrifuge market not only is profit, more contribution is to make the industry to further understand the mystery behind the centrifuge products.
is influenced by the overall economic environment, by the great feats of centrifuge project did not show a thriving situation, centrifuge price also no obvious rising trend, industry profit is not obvious. The current high-end equipment manufacturing industry is to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries in our country, so the centrifuge industry in the future will look to the high-end industry. Therefore, centrifuge industry should accelerate the equipment manufacturing industry technological innovation constantly, improve product added value, efforts to the direction of high-end, centrifuge price will according to the high-end products to reposition.
overall, centrifuge gold period the industry is facing a new round of development, is also the opportunity of enterprise development. Adjust development strategy, innovation management mode, to keep the centrifuge enterprise vitality, maintain growth, guarantee the development of the centrifuge price trends as present positive influence.
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