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The global manufacturing weak data or zinc prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Global manufacturing data and weak dollar index rebounded, London, zinc pressure fell $12 high zinc prices curb growth in new orders, purchaser money to the sidelines waiting to buy signal, is today is zinc prices

' Of zinc market] Aaron zinc in 1893 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron zinc slightly rushed up to 1899 dollars/tons, from 10 - day moving average to suppress the diving, and slightly after the daily average lines tight trading range as low as $1872 / ton for 20 daily average lines to support small rebound, late because of the dollar index rose, Aaron, zinc pressure callback closed at $1882 / ton, down $12 per ton, or 0. 63%; Shanghai zinc 1607 main contract small low open to 14960 yuan/ton, after a brief diving as low as 14910 yuan/ton, the outside dish to drive a rally to 15080 yuan/ton, 15005 yuan/ton, down to 60 yuan/ton.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecasts, the global manufacturing data remains weak, high zinc prices inhibit growth in new orders, zinc prices are still weak, purchaser money to the sidelines waiting to buy signal, forecast the spot market today zinc prices around 50 yuan/ton.
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