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The hydrometallurgy extraction of metals in wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-16
The metal in the waste water treatment of hydrometallurgy extraction technology in the extraction recovery of nickel study more, using N530 extraction from hardened oil in the discharge of the wastewater containing nickel catalyst industry recycling nickel can be extracted.
when the extraction of the metal in the waste water treatment of hydrometallurgy extraction process was studied. Emphasis was on the extraction of cobalt nickel industry wastewater treatment process, the research is mainly focused on the acidity, salting-out agent series, extraction and reverse extraction conditions on the cobalt, nickel and the influence of the separation efficiency. The test results show that with N235-20% Kerosene solution as the organic phase, the 5 levels of countercurrent extraction with dilute hydrochloric acid level 3 back extraction, cobalt nickel can be effectively recycled wastewater. The recovery rate can reach more than 98%, and can realize industrial water recycling, reduced emissions of waste water, is conducive to environmental protection.
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