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The inevitability of centrifugal extraction machine development

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Centrifugal machine is a kind of quick and efficient liquid - Liquid extraction equipment. On the working principle of the centrifugal extraction machine and the difference of extraction, extraction tower is the former in centrifugal field makes the density of different and two mutually immiscible liquid mixture implementation phase, and then both of them are split phase in the gravitational field.
centrifugal extraction machine for split phase quickly, split phase to strengthen mixed promoting ability, and created the condition for mass transfer and mass transfer time. Therefore levels centrifugal extraction machine has the short residence time and less remaining fluid volume etc, making it not only can be applied to general extraction system, and is suitable for the system in some special requirement.
centrifugal extraction machine to handle some small density difference system or the viscosity of the system, the fitness is good also, centrifugal extraction machine also can be used for non-equilibrium extraction, make some on the mass transfer rate have larger difference in balance and separated from each other are difficult to implement in the process of extraction separation, since the advent of the 30 s centrifugal extraction machine, is developing rapidly, in many countries has been widely used in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metallurgical, wastewater treatment and nuclear fuel processing, etc.
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