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The July construction purchasing managers' index ( PMI) Since June of 46. 0 drop to 45. 9

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Tuesday, On August 2) In July, according to industry data, the British construction industry 7 years is the most serious landslide, suggests that the UK economy may after June referendum to take off the recession.

according to the data firm Markit, said the UK construction purchasing managers' index (July PMI) Since June of 46. 0 drop to 45. 9, as the worst since June 2009, less than 50 from contraction.

43 although better than economists polled by Reuters had expected. Eight, but the PMI data show that commercial building activity atrophy, and less confident.

as a whole, the basic will not affect the construction PMI market expectations for the effort in the bank of England on Thursday. On Thursday, the bank of England is expected to cut interest rates to record lows, and may restart your program.

chief economist at Markit TimMoore said, & other; British building enterprise constantly mentioned, continued economic uncertainty order bring serious negative effect on them. ” But he added that the data is relatively modest deterioration in June.

Moore pointed out that the construction company customer has been adopted in engineering & other; Wait & throughout; , rather than directly to cancel or cut the quantity.

the survey interviewed 170 companies, reflect the construction company layoffs speed its fastest since November 2012, the employment index from 52 in June. 5 sharply fell to 49. 3.

commercial real estate projects in a whole new construction accounts for about a third of the share, this part of the contraction rate of fastest since December 2009.

the UK of raw material purchase in construction and manufacturing input prices have increased, the growth of all its fastest since March 2015, Moore attributed to sterling devaluation after the referendum.
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