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The main reason of produced wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-19
Because my country is rich in coal resources, coal in the national economy and social development of our country occupies a very important position. In order to reduce the energy cost method, the nearly thousand enterprises will instead of oil furnace gas stove. At the same time, the producer gas generator in the process of production, such as cooling, washing, cleaning process will be the main cause of produced wastewater containing phenol.
commonly used water gas furnace two pieces of gasification and running process of wastewater containing phenol main reason lies in the following process:
1. On blowing gas phase: by superheated steam generator at the bottom of the entry into the gasifier, react with hot carbocoal in gasification section, water gas and undisturbed water vapor into the upper part of the gasifier dry distillation section, sensible heat and heat exchange in the carbonization of coal and coal carbonization heating pyrolysis, produced by dry distillation gas with water gas gasifier top discharge, cooling after purification precipitation water containing tar and phenol, this is two paragraphs furnace water gas to be processed to produce one of the main causes of wastewater containing phenol.
    2. Blowing gas phase: under water vapor after burning regenerator is overheating, the ethos and drum in the opposite direction into the gasifier and react with hot carbocoal in gasification section, water gas and the decomposition of water vapor generated by the discharge at the bottom of the furnace, cooling after precipitation did not break down in the water. This part of the cooling water does not contain phenol and tar, and contains only a small amount of cyanide. Condensed water recycling increases with time, the phenol content are also constantly increased. This part is the main reason of produced wastewater containing phenol, the phenol wastewater is a kind of complicated composition of typical refractory organic wastewater, containing phenol, ammonia nitrogen, cyanide, benzene, pyridine, quinoline and indole dozens of kinds of pollutants, pollutant concentration is high, high chromaticity, high toxicity, stable character. Source:
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