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The Ministry of Commerce to the United States trade protection practices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Since September, China's Ministry of Commerce, head of the relevant aspects on the commodities to take some practices on China successively speeches, transfer of the related industries of China us trade protectionism.

Washington time on September 12, the Commerce Department on China's stainless steel plate strip to make a preliminary dumping investigation, Chinese enterprise anti-dumping tax rate for 63. 86% - 76. 64%.

to this, the Ministry of Commerce trade remedy investigation bureau chief said, in this case compulsory investigations and other related enterprises to actively cooperate with the investigation of the case, the investigation organ with all sorts of reason to refuse to enterprise demands and submit evidence of laying out high taxes, trade protectionism is very obvious. China's steel enterprises to strong dissatisfaction with the us, the Chinese government will take all necessary measures to maintain corporate interests.

on September 13, the United States over China's wheat, rice, Milled and japonica rice) , corn and other agricultural products to support policy, filed the request for consultations, under the wto dispute settlement mechanism according to the Chinese government on the agricultural domestic support policies related to China's accession to the wto promises, and violation of wto rules related to the agricultural agreement.

the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on the treaty law department chief, said agriculture is a country's basic industries, in relation to numerous economic benefits of agricultural producers, government support of its agriculture, arouse the enthusiasm of agricultural producers, production capacity, improve its agriculture is an international common practice, also is the world trade organization (wto) rules allow. China express regret for us to suggest consultation request, according to the wto's dispute settlement procedures to properly handle, safeguarding the interests of China's industrial and trade interests.

go back to the United States time on September 7, the Commerce Department on imports from China's carbon alloy steel to make countervailing preliminary scale plate, decided that all Chinese companies countervailing duties for 210. 5%.

the Chinese Ministry of Commerce trade remedy to this speaking bureau chief, said the United States in the preliminary, blamed the excessively high tax rates on responses to enterprises in China has not fully cooperate with the investigation is unwarranted, the root cause is the investigation authorities require a large amount of irrelevant information, China's responses to these enterprises cannot complete the questionnaire, cannot enjoy equal opportunity to defend.

the director stressed that after the closing of the group of 20 ( G20) Hangzhou summit, the leaders reaffirm against any form of trade and investment protectionism, and will reduce and do not take the promise of new trade protectionism and extended to the end of 2018. And the Ministry of Commerce ruling in the case with the G20 leaders of this commitment. China believes that the best way to solve the global steel industry is currently faced with the dilemma is the coordinated response, rather than frequently take trade protection measures, hope the us side to abide by the wto rules and the leaders of the G20 summit consensus, in order to promote the global steel industry recovery and improve the overall global trade environment should have the responsibility.
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