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The number of vacancies in July 5. 87 million

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The U. S. department of labor, 痛单位) On Wednesday, On September 7) Job openings and labor turnover survey released ( 震动) In July, according to the number of vacancies in 5. 87 million, a record, reflect the enterprise faces challenges in finding the right employees.

although JOLTS data than non-agricultural, LMCI lagging indicators such as a month, but she still regard them as important index reflect labor market efficiency and employee confidence, at the same time the data on September 20th and 21st announced before the fed's policy meeting, therefore appears additional and important.

mitsubishi ufj bank ( MUFGUnionBank) Chief economist ChrisRupkey said: & other; Millions of jobs are vacant, the economy seems to have enough support to raise interest rates. ”

more, according to data from the U. S. employment in July from June 5. 17 million climbed to 5. 23 million; Number of resign in July was flat, at 2. 98 million, much higher than the worst period of economic recession, suggests that the workers to find new jobs the confidence to improve.

although recent fed officials believe the Labour market has been close to full employment, but the weak inflation is still the important obstacles on the path of the fed to raise interest rates.

in addition, the number of layoffs flat in 1. 6 million July, near cut rates remain at 3 and a half years 1 low. 1%. And the number of vacancies in 15 years, the unemployment rate hit a record high.

RDQEconomics chief economist JohnRyding said: & other; ( Vacancies for a record) May has facing upward pressure on wages, so either price ascension, or corporate profit margins squeezed. ” The United States, according to the latest data on average hourly wages failed to keep 2. 5% of the growth, economists believe that only pay synchronous growth at 3% to 3. 5% range can make inflation close to 2% of the target.
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