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The particularity of pharmaceutical application of centrifugal extraction machine

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
Centrifugal extraction machine a wide application in the pharmaceutical industry, it is still the current API separation of main equipment in the production process. Due to pharmaceutical manufacturers centrifuge application occasions, craft, the physical and chemical properties of the medium is different, also have different requirements for centrifugal extraction machine, for example, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof requirements, medium temperature, purification workshop level, etc. To explore the filter type centrifugal extraction machine in the following some special issues involved in the pharmaceutical industry application.
enclosed requirements
centrifugal extraction machine used for non sterile medicine or used for aseptic drug or drug for pharmaceutical intermediates or for finished product and its production process are put forward high request to the environment, such as the clean workshop, has the corresponding requirement of clean level, equipment in good sealing performance to keep outside and inside the machine the effective isolation. Centrifugal extraction machine, however, in the inner chamber of solid, liquid, gas may not be equal to the workshop environment pollution, on the other hand, the external environment also can't produce pollution to internal material. Pharmaceutical factory, therefore, in order to inform the centrifuge manufacturer, request an airtight. Modification design of centrifugal extraction machine airtight performance, and fully embody in manufacturing, should be considered in the following aspects: cover sealing

machine machine cover general for tilting, machine cover and the casing joint surface should be reliable sealing measures, if because of the sealing structure or material corrosion failure, can make into liquid and gas phase leakage, damage to the environment, personnel. Dovetail groove in the flange cover processing, installation of sealing strip, to ensure the positioning reliability of sealing strip, sealing strip to the trapezoidal hollow structure, to ensure the sealing performance. Seals use the material such as silicone rubber, anti-corrosion, in accordance with the processing of the material requirements to determine the sealing material. Seal

bearing a spindle nut, bearing sealing, the previous traditional models in the seal measures are simple and easy, can only be relative seal. Such as spindle nut, joint spindle nut and the drum surface, generally do not set the seal, the centrifuge in the running process of liquid or gas phase infiltration, on the spindle taper surface corrosion, even into the bearing, the bearing damage, thus affecting the normal use of the machine. Bearing cover is generally installed on the skeleton seal structure, but between bearing cover and drum cone on the part of the exposed, centrifuge aerosol in the inner chamber, may be on the main shaft exposed surface corrosion.
centrifugal extraction machine used in the pharmaceutical industry, the separation of material in the most has the organic solvent such as solvent and acid and alkali medium, so should fully consider when ordering equipment to these parts of the sealing requirements. That should be considered in the design, structure improvements, such as the fastening and sealing at the top of main shaft, with 2 pieces of shaft end ring piled up, two o-rings isolation installation, in order to eliminate the drainage. For bearing cover on the upper seal, can consider to change the bearing cover structure, such as setting labyrinth sealing device, reduce or eliminate aerosol erosion of the spindle. Can also be exposed surface coated nickel phosphorus alloy, in order to eliminate or reduce the possibility of corrosion.
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