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The pharmaceutical industry organic phase extraction washing equipment operation process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
May happen in the pharmaceutical industry in product production and processing of extraction, washing and so on the operation of the section, then choose what kind of equipment for production, is the topic that the customers are more concerned about. A recent pharmaceutical enterprise consultation DMF extraction recovery project, concentrate components in DMF, methylene chloride and a small amount of salt and water phase was pure water. For this system the customer wants to remove the DMF concentrate, washing recycle organic phase, hope our company to provide the operation process and equipment selection.

for customers is our company choose CWL450 - for it M type centrifugal extraction machine, main operation process is:

1, the first is washing section, using multistage continuous extraction washing, will concentrate in DMF, water-soluble impurity transferred to the water phase, finally achieve the purpose of purifying concentrate. Through early compared and flow measurement, can achieve reasonable wash effect.

2, washing water after upstream section, not only remove water soluble impurities, at the same time also to take away part of the product. When recycling, using methylene chloride will wash section water ', and 'placing products on extraction recovery, recycling products.

3, after repeated washing and recycling operations, would eventually be washing section of the qualified concentrate and recovery 'merge' methylene chloride load ', into the next process.

CWL450 - industrialization at present M multistage continuous extraction equipment has been installed to the customer production workshop and equipment operation, and equipment operation stability, extraction effect is good, get customer satisfaction.

new. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine performance characteristics:

1, low power consumption: on the premise of guarantee the extraction rate and the separation effect, new. cwl - M centrifugal extraction machine power consumption is about 1/5 of the traditional models;

2, no vulnerable parts: new � � centrifugal extraction machine adopts hanging structure, cancel the machine seal at the bottom of the traditional models, so as to thoroughly solve the traditional models, leakage at the bottom of the machine, the seal;

3, simple structure, stable: at the beginning of the new type of centrifugal extraction machine from the design of the body is simplified and improve machining precision, make the operation more simple, run more smoothly.

4, choice of materials: for acid containing chlorine ion system, our company invested heavily to develop high polymer composite material, not only satisfy the strength of equipment required, but also solve the corrosion problem.
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