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The Philippines and then shut down mine nickel prices take up

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The Philippine government officials said on Tuesday that the country's 20 mines shut down again, most of them are nickel, due to its violation of environmental laws and regulations. At this point, the Philippines has shut down 30 mines. According to the production of last year, was temporarily shut down production of the mine 55 of the Philippines nickel ore production. 5%. The fed's policy-setting meeting held last week, expected market liquidity remain loose, nickel water-bifurcation, breakthrough on the oscillation range since only one month. The author thinks that, with the traditional Philippines laterite nickel ore shipment to reduce the rainy season, along with the market in October season optimism, nickel prices is expected to above 81000 yuan/ton.

are influenced by the nickel policy, raw material or a shortage of

by the Philippine government released a detailed review of the mine, we can find that, through the review of nickel industry in Asia, such as PGMC mining company, is mainly the ore mines in the Philippines, and is in high areas. Not through the review are poorly, and partly in three trace set area. According to the local characteristics of the rainy season in high areas immediately into the rainy season, lost a lot of shipments. End of the rainy season three trace firm set area and then out of the mine, but due to not through the review, to hype the stage late.

the latest customs data shows that China's nickel ore imports in August of 4. 28 million tons, year-on-year increase in 9. 7%, year-on-year increase 30. 5%. Among them, from the Philippines imports of 4. 16 million tons, from new caledonia imports for 7. 80000 tons. 1 - China's total imports of nickel ore in August, 18. 7 million tons, down 20% year on year. Among them, from the Philippines imports of 17. 96 million tons, down 21% year on year. From the import source XinKa mineral policy change, began to China out of the mine. Even with the forward laterite nickel ore of Australia increment, temporarily is not enough to make up for the Philippines to a reduction in the mine.

data show that domestic ports laterite nickel ore inventory is 15. 54 million wet metric tons. According to the domestic consumption of nickel iron works to measure the speed of the nickel mines, the current port static inventory just enough to use 3 nickel iron works. Five months. History library consumption over the same period in 5 months or so, so domestic laterite nickel ore inventory is low, the end of the year is expected to appear nervous.

Indonesia nickel iron supply stable and variable is for running project

in August, the domestic import nickel iron 8. About 1, 080000 tons, fold the nickel content. 10000 tons, from flat. Among them, the Indonesian imports 60000 tons, from qingshan Indonesia project, temporary transfer nickel iron to the domestic projects in addition to the castle peak, in Indonesia and east Fang Zhenshi project, but vibration stone project monthly capacity is 8000 tons in kind, so generally is accumulated to a certain amount before delivery to the eastern special steel.

in Indonesia's other projects in China, due to reasons such as cost, or stop production or after production is not home. So for now, Indonesia's exports to domestic nickel iron flat. Imported from other parts of the nickel and iron in 20000 tons, performance is relatively stable. At the running project, since October last year, stopped exporting nickel iron to home. Market news, said the project started in July exports, but the import data from July, imported from Burma is still zero, this in the later will become a supply variable.

electroless nickel production and imports stable

data show that domestic electricity nickel production in August 1. 510000 tons. Jinchuan late maintenance and production in a 1. 220000 tons. Jean, new xin, silver, yantai KaiShi normal production. Other electric nickel production enterprise production.

inventory, LME nickel in stock, and nickel plate stock has fallen to around 40%, the Russian nickel stocks has been beyond the. The rest are nickel beans, not delivery goods at home, and stainless steel factory is not using nickel beans for stainless steel production, the late inventory transfer will not see sharp, imports will be smooth in 30000 & ndash; 3. About 40000 tons.

the author thinks that, in the late domestic nickel metal supply, electric nickel parts supply stable, nickel iron part of the main variables in myanmar for running programs and domestic nickel iron enterprise supply of raw materials. Country for running project since October last year to stop exporting nickel iron to domestic, but it is still normal production, accumulated a large number of finished goods inventory. Influenced by the mineral policy, nickel iron enterprise consumption cycle for original materials storehouse for 3. 5 months, below the record level. With optimistic expectations, the peak season in October will have support on the prices.
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