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The Philippines for thousands of unemployed miners looking for their livelihoods

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The local mining workers urged the environment and natural resources ( 环境与自然资源( DENR) ) As soon as possible because for thousands of suspended 10 mining enterprises have led to the unemployed workers provide livelihoods.
“ The Philippines mining association ( 广告样稿( 菲律宾商会矿山) ) Also called for the environment as soon as possible settlement of unemployment caused by the closure of the mine mining workers. ”
so far, the environment ministry suspended 10 mines, deputy environment minister Jasareno display led the review in mines, on September 21 day interview is said, will be at least 12 mines will face to suspend operations.
on Tuesday will announce the final examination results.
the environment minister, Regina Paz L. Lopez criticism mining companies are unable to maintain the livelihood of the workers.
mining and geological science bureau ( 矿山和地球科学局) According to data mining and quarrying industry employs about 236000 workers last year, 0 of the total number of national hire workers this year. 6%.
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