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The Philippines mining association condemned the DENR review results

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The Philippines mining association ( 菲律宾的商会矿山( COMP) ) Condemned Tuesday's environment and natural resources ( 环境与自然资源( DENR) ) Environmental audit results, published eight member of the association in line with the requirement of the inspection results to suspend operations.
DENR Tuesday's review results suggest that shut down 20 mining enterprises, in addition to early failed the examination has been suspended 10 mining enterprises.
in the Duterte government became the first day of the environment minister, environment minister, Regina Paz Gina Lopez announced to mine environmental review.
DENR compulsory for mining enterprises to obtain international standards organization ( 国际标准组织( ISO) ) Certificate to ensure operational compliance with international environmental standards.
the Philippines mining association ( COMP) Ronald R, vice President of law and policy. S Recidoro said censorship is & other; Throughout the & punitive rather than objective; 。
“ When to sudden changes in the rules of the game between the environment and natural resources and the mining enterprises should be given an equal dialogue, according to the review has been completed in August, & throughout; He said.
“ In early August, the so-called violation of laws and regulations should be able to be solved, rather than to shut down now, & throughout; He said.
20 suggest suspended mining companies, mining association member companies in the Philippines for:
Filminera Resources Corp. ,
Marcventures开采和开发公司。 ,
Agata矿业投资有限公司 ,
CTP建设和矿业公司。 ,
Hinatuan矿业集团。 ,
班格特集团。 ,
勒班陀巩固矿业公司。 ,
the companies to the government to explain why they have a week of operation should not be suspended.
“ Our member companies will comply with the requirements of the government seven days time, solve the problem to avoid the suspension, & throughout; Recidoro said.
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