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The Philippines to strengthen environmental protection efforts, nickel prices sharply higher

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Metal dynamic:
today jinchuan company raised electrolytic nickel ( Big board) Ex-factory price 82000 yuan/ton, barrel small raised to 83200 yuan/ton, increase 1200 yuan/ton.

electric on August 5, according to the news, as a new hardliners in the Philippines President for violation of irresponsible mining, a quarter of the country's nickel mine has been shut down, and the authorities will further action, which made global nickel market panic.

the futures market overview:
today Aaron ni leave high to go lower. Opened at $10675, the lowest rallied sharply after to $10665, up to $10850, to press time closed at $10825, up $115, or 1. 07%. Volume 2246 hands. Shanghai main nickel rallied today, up to 84890 yuan, 94430 yuan, up 1880 yuan, or 2. 28%. Volume 773628, 51726 to 566194 hand more holdings. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot nickel mainly deal interval in 81800 - in the morning 82100 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day rose 1800 yuan/ton, in wuxi 1609 liter discount c500 contract - in the morning The c200 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot nickel metal extraction solution index at 81881 points, a rise of 1800 points in the last trading day. Nickel prices higher volatility, high purchasing less fear, clinch a deal the main circulating among traders, market activity. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution research results, some traders think the recent nickel prices shock rise.

【 Center point 】
published today, the import and export data shows that China's exports slowed in July, the import of losses. A sustained drop in export data shows that the weak external demand, at the same time imports was ignited again in the market for expanding the concerns of the weaker domestic demand. Development and reform commission (NDRC) said the coal production declined obviously, black today, the strong rebound, coke, harden, rebar up 4. Market rose 07%, metal. In spite of the import and export data of poor, nickel supply end tight pattern continues to upgrade, the Philippines to strengthen environmental protection, if the Philippines suspended or closed more nickel ore, or further boost prices, short-term high nickel prices are expected to break through the former.
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