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The present situation and method of phenol wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
Producer gas generator, treatment of wastewater containing phenol has been a big problem in the field of wastewater treatment at home and abroad, has not yet been a breakthrough research results for decades. Pollutants in wastewater composition complex, containing volatile phenol, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ammonia nitrogen and sulfur and nitrogen heterocyclic compound, such as oxygen is more difficult to biochemical degradation of high concentration organic industrial wastewater.
many manufacturing enterprise of coking waste water containing phenol is to rely on a large number of domestic sewage and circulating water diluted to amount to mark, do not conform to the state environmental protection administration on the principle of total control. For treatment of wastewater containing phenol, effective method is to control the pollution sources, reduce the waste water quantity or reduce the phenol concentration in the wastewater. Try to avoid and reduce the phenolic compound pollutants into the environment, strengthen enterprise management, to take effective treatment wastewater containing phenol, recycling and comprehensive utilization.

1, complexation extraction wastewater treatment technology the core of the technology for new type of chelating extraction agent and high efficient centrifugal extraction machine, complexation extraction gas containing phenol wastewater treatment technology is a reversible complex should be combined with extraction separation process. Complexation extraction gas containing phenol wastewater treatment technology, simple operation, less equipment investment, low consumption, recycling phenol can reuse, extraction raffinate phenol is lower than the emission standards, to create a direct social and economic benefits, is better than that of other domestic extraction technology of removing phenol. In 1991 is listed as national scientific and technological achievements to promote the technology plan, in 1992 was named the state environmental protection practical technology.
efficient centrifugal extraction machine mixing and separation in one multi-function extraction equipment. Is mainly used in environmental protection, fine chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, wet metallurgy industries of liquid liquid extraction, neutralize or water purification process. Compared with the other extraction equipment: equipment is small in size, high extraction efficiency, extraction flow than the big, wide applicable scope of materials handling system, etc, to improve product quality, reduce consumption, simplify the process, convenient operation, expanding production capacity, reduce the area has a better effect.
2, complexation extraction technology gas wastewater treatment plan
this scheme adopts the process can be divided into two steps; Namely: preprocessing to remove oil and suspended solids in the wastewater; Multi-stage countercurrent extraction separation ( The secondary processing) Removing the phenolics in wastewater; After processing into the production process of wastewater reuse standard or biochemical treatment after discharge.
the first step: to be processed gas producer pretreatment of waste water into the tank, which can adjust the PH in waste water. Wastewater will release of gas, gas dissolved into the absorption tower absorption purification. Emulsified tar in the waste water will precipitate demulsification, collected by the oil-water separation.
step 2: set to remove oil and suspended solids in liquid solution into the extraction dephenolizing process. Will waste water to be processed supernatant and BQ type efficient complexation extraction agent by measurement after into efficient centrifugal extractor for multi-stage countercurrent extraction of phenol, at the same time with lye to reverse extraction solvent containing phenol load after removing phenol into the production process of wastewater reuse or into the next level biochemical treatment process. Reverse extraction solvents back cans recycled, after extraction of sodium phenolate liquid collects and stores. Collected after a certain number of unified processing to extract the crude phenol as chemical raw materials sold or further distillation separation. Due to the characteristics of high efficiency centrifugal extraction machine flow ratio of extraction and reverse extraction, can be equivalent to the highly concentrated phenol in waste water to the water volume of 1/30 ~ 1/40, 1000 tons of wastewater treatment device as the sun every day only to produce 25 ~ 30 tons of phenol sodium concentrate.
process indicators:
( 1) Waste water containing phenol: phenol content in 3000 ~ 30000 PPM. COD content in 10000 ~ 40000 PPM.
( 2) After wastewater treatment: 1 - or less volatile phenol content 50 ppm; 鳕鱼≤2000 ppm; To get to biochemical treatment standard or plant recycling standards. Complexation extraction gas wastewater treatment technology based on the complexity of wastewater composition, difficult to biodegrade, first will be part of it in a simple way, purification. In the process should first focus on the valuable phenol recovery; At the same time greatly reduce COD, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur, cyanide, etc. , and provide the necessary conditions for the subsequent biochemical treatment.
the third step: after removing phenol wastewater through deamination processes such as further processing, and finally into the ordinary biochemical treatment system to achieve discharge standard.
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