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The purchasing managers' index (July MARKIT services PMI) The initial value of 50. 9

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Tuesday, On July 26) Financial data firm Markit, according to an industry report released in July services purchasing managers' index ( PMI) The initial value for the lowest since February.

data shows that the United States in July MARKIT purchasing managers' index (service industry PMI) The initial value of 50. 9, forecast of 52. 0, 6 surveys of 51. 4.

in July MARKIT services employment index for 52. 6, 6 surveys is 52. 4.

the MARKIT composite purchasing managers' index (July PMI) The initial value of 51. 5, the highest since April, 6 surveys of 51. 2. 50 is the growth of the industry atrophy or watershed.

the MARKIT composite July PMI employment index for 52. 8, 6 surveys is 52. 4.

Markit Harker, a senior economist with the comments said, beginning in the third quarter of this year, the U. S. services sector remains in the doldrums, new business activity, slow growth, growth is still weak. Thankfully, business confidence rebounded, shows that business will return to strong growth in the future.
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