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The research and development situation of centrifugal extraction machine at home and abroad

by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Industrial production, the centrifugal extraction machine is mainly used for dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification, purification and solid particle sizing process, it is attached to the development of each industrial sector and the industrial extraction equipment.
in the 18th century after the industrial revolution, with the rapid development of the textile industry, the cotton cloth dryer in 1836; In order to adapt to the needs of cheese processing industry in 1877, invented the separator for separating milk; In the 20th century, with the development of the comprehensive utilization of oil, for the water, solid impurities, tarry material removal, so that the heavy oil as fuel oil is used, the successful development of self-discharging disc type piston discharge separator; In the 60 s development into a perfect centrifuge series products. With modern environmental protection and the needs of the development of 'three wastes' treatment, to the requirement of industrial waste water and sludge dewatering treatment is very high, on the basis of its and stretch out the different kinds of the centrifuge, including the horizontal centrifuge, disc separator, the experimental centrifuge, discharge centrifuge, condole belt, and a three centrifuge, etc. As a new type of centrifugal extraction machine and centrifuge product of evolution, in oil-water separation ( Crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, etc. ) Pharmaceutical ( , dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, n-butyl alcohol, chloroform, etc. ) And hydrometallurgy ( Extraction of nickel, cobalt, copper, niobium, rare earth and rare element) Separate set of production, the centrifugal extraction machine has become one of the key equipment.
centrifugal extraction machine as a branch of the centrifuge, the earliest industrial centrifuges in Europe in the 19th century, the birth of our country and its practical value of the first modern centrifuges was made in 1954, due to its unique continuous operation, large capacity, less power consumption per unit of production, the characteristics of strong adaptability and got rapid development. In forty years of development, structure, performance, parameters changed, separation quality, increasing production capacity, a broader application scope has been occupies an important position in the field of centrifuge.
from the beginning of the 20th century in China, began to conduct research and development production of centrifugal extraction machine work. With the development of modern industrial civilization and human attention to the environment and sustainable development strategy, separation effect is good, small vibration, low noise, become the important condition of centrifuge can be accepted by the market. This would require the centrifuge has a good dynamic characteristic. Usually, the dynamic characteristics including critical speed, unbalance response and stability, etc. Parameter selection and optimization of centrifugal extraction machine is the first step of improving centrifugal extraction machine dynamic characteristic.
in order to improve the performance of the centrifuge, the usual problems in centrifuge, finite element analysis was carried out on the main components, has obtained certain achievement. Mainly include: master of Beijing university of chemical Gu Wei through the study of the structure statics analysis of the centrifuge, draw a screw conveyor under various load cases, stress field and displacement field and reference pressure vessel analysis design method to check the screw conveyor stress intensity, radial displacement of the helical blade was investigated. Lay the foundations for the structure optimization design.
show new China aviation industry senior engineer CAI, shell element is presented in this paper the method and ring unit overall centrifugal impeller with splitter blade elastic-plastic analysis. Leaves the shell element simulation, the round body to using axisymmetric ring unit simulation, on the border of round of impeller and casing approximately double coordinate conditions: also the relevant calculation formula is deduced, and the three numerical examples are calculated. The results show that this method is of high precision, good time.
extraction, innovation to develop. cwl new high efficiency energy-saving centrifugal extraction machine, has a good split phase, processing capacity, low noise and long service life, etc. Its production of centrifugal extraction machine for phenol wastewater treatment process, the test run has proved that, the process containing phenol wastewater treatment effect significantly, can effectively recycle phenol in wastewater, and the separation of liquid no obvious impact on the sewage treatment plant, eliminate the waste water of secondary pollution problem.
centrifugal extraction machine drum set of complex structure, stress related to materials, change is big, the traditional analytic method, establish a drum set of multi-rigid-body system, by Newton euler equation and Lagrange equation represented by the method of analysis mechanics dynamics equation and constraint equation, analysis affecting the parameters of the dynamic characteristics of structure natural frequency and vibration mode.
set up under a certain degree of freedom vibration equation numerical points to get through to reduce the research method of the vibration is not ideal. Due to screw a drum set is composed of rigid body and flexible multibody system, the work also has produced by material into force, constraint is also complicated. Establish and equations are difficult to solve, can only be idealized processing, the result can't reflect centrifuges operating characteristics. And because the influence factors of technology parameters, the influence of the complexity of the centrifugal separation effect had great difficulty in calculation one by one. Therefore, when choosing the parameters, it is difficult to meet this requirement is good separation effect, low noise; According to the experience of the qualitative analysis by selecting parameters, then depend on the test in lab or pilot simulated amplification results. This kind of experience, trial and error, static, as the method of characteristics, and 'design a prototype test a modified' the cycle of optimization process is trouble, and waste of cost.
studies dynamic characteristics of the drum group should not only consider its rigid motion, but also its soft body movement. Separate multi-body dynamics analysis and finite element analysis are not easy to solve such problems. With the development of high-performance computers and large application software, the finite element and multibody system simulation in combination is used to solve the problem of the dynamics of drum set, is innovative approaches to the study of the centrifuge.
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