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The rise in oil prices push lead prices rebound focus on U. S. economic data today

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Crude oil output to reduce push oil higher, overnight gains 2 lead bottom rebound. 05%, days after the lead ingot price swings, pressure line 60 days of the attention, cast high low suck on the operation, is expected to lead prices now or with higher

' Lead futures market 】 Aaron, lead to open in 1705 dollars/tons, Asian time small shocks in around $1705 / ton, Europe and the United States, Goldman sachs said this month or in short supply of crude oil, strong driving oil prices rise, lead to Aaron lead prices, lead to touch high $1746 / ton, up to 35 dollars/tons, or 2. 05%. Positions in terms of volume increase 2 to 3755 hand, 43 to 123387 hand holdings to reduce. Disk, Aaron lead yesterday, though a breakthrough in 5, 10 - day moving average, remain under pressure from above 40, 60 daily average lines; Main lead, Shanghai 1607 contracts in 12845 yuan/ton, lead in Aaron, after opening price swings higher, high 12960 yuan/ton, rose 65 yuan/ton, or 0. 5%, to 12945 yuan/ton. Positions, volume reduction of 1584 to 2378 hand, 180 to 17714 hand more holdings.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: lead by driving up oil prices, will today April U. S. housing starts and CPI monthly economic data forecast values are better than the former, or lift the dollar index, basic metal pressure, lead prices in the short term or continue to shock adjustment, lead ingot spot market demand is weak, clinch a deal in the majority with retail, forecast the spot market today's lead price move co. , LTD.
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