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The source and harm of wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
With the rapid development of the industry is not only the water consumption rise quickly, and at the same time also increased emissions of industrial wastewater; Many industrial processes, such as phenol and phenolic resin synthesis, coking coal gasification, oil refining, medicine, dye and spices production, and even the process of synthetic rubber and plastics can produce a large amount of wastewater, and these are in the waste water containing a class of highly toxic refractory organic matter a common phenol and their derivatives, its content in the wastewater from a few mg/L to dozens of g/L. According to reports in the literature the class material belongs to a kind of protoplasm poison, almost of all living organisms have poison; For animals, it can be through the skin into the body make some function cell loss of activity, especially the damage to the nervous system have bigger, severe cases can lead to cancer; Such as used for crop irrigation, wastewater containing phenol will affect the normal growth of crop, a slightly higher concentration and even cause plant death.
as a result, to human health and ecological environment balance, must go through before discharge wastewater containing phenol centrifugal extraction machine effectively removing phenol treatment; The United States have long will this kind of material listed in the priority control pollutants blacklist, our country promulgated the integrated wastewater discharge standard of 19% years also in its list of the second type of pollutant, and in one, the secondary effluent standards stipulated in the discharge concentrations less than 0. 5 mg/L。 In an actual wastewater treatment process, to a high concentration of waste water containing phenol, the first thing to consider is whether the effective recycling, both to save valuable resources can also reduce wastewater treatment costs, reduce the content of phenol in waste water at the same time, the pretreatment is advantageous to the depth of efficient wastewater treatment.

high concentration treatment of wastewater containing phenol method treatment technology of wastewater containing phenol can be broadly divided into two kinds: one kind is one step process, another kind is a multi-step process. Step processing method mainly for incineration method; Multi-step process involves a pretreatment step, its purpose has two: one is recycled to save resources for phenol of high concentration phenol extraction, demotion processing cost; 2 it is to make the subsequent processing is more thorough.

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