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The structure of the extraction tower

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Extraction tower it is made with the level of the vertical cylinder, which is static ring baffle. Static ring baffle plate as the center hole, the static ring baffle cylinder can be divided into a series of extraction chamber. One of extraction tower extraction chamber turntable and the diameter of the wheel slightly smaller than the static ring baffle hole diameter. A series of wheel installed on the rotating shaft in parallel. In this way, the wheel and axle can easily load extraction tower. Static ring baffle on the top and the bottom is between static ring baffle extraction, liquid - Liquid mass transfer process is done here. Static ring baffle and the top of the tower on the top and the bottom of the static ring baffle and bottom formed between two clarification section, to clarify the light and heavy phase respectively.
extraction between extraction and clarification of the tower is equipped with large aperture sieve plate, light from below the sieve plate into the extraction tower, heavy phase into the extraction tower above is from the sieve plate. Sieve plate extraction tower is to reduce the effect of agitation of liquid and enhancing the effect of clarification of breakdown.
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