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The U. S. housing less than expected in March to support the fed does not raise interest rates to boost zinc prices higher this month

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 U. S. housing data in March was less than expected, supporting the fed will not meeting this month, raising interest rates expected to boost metal prices, London zinc of record years or up to 2. 09%, is expected today is zinc prices to rise

' Of zinc market] Aaron zinc in 1888 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron zinc part long profits, Aaron zinc dip to 1874 dollars/tons, in the afternoon on the a-share led by Aaron zinc volatility, Europe and the United States, the United States in March the quantity of housing building permits and housing starts are lower than expected, to support the fed will not raise interest rates expected in 26th of this month meeting boost Aaron zinc rose to $1930 / ton, up to 39. $5 / ton, or 2. 09%, increased holdings 279319 2986, volume 13150, 2237 hand; Shanghai zinc 1606 main month 15170 yuan/ton, in early quick dip to 15070 yuan/ton, with outside dish after stabilizing range up to 15310 yuan/ton, 15250 yuan/ton, rose 140 yuan/ton, still have the impulse to one of these days.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: period a year high zinc, zinc ingot spot market procurement cautious wait-and-see, clinch a deal the overall general, forecast the spot market today zinc prices rose 100 yuan/tons.
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