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The U. S. pending home sales fell in August 2. 4% to the second low throughout the year

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Thursday, the national association of realtors ( NAR) This month, according to the data published pending home sales fell 2. The second low 4%, to 2016.

affected by home sales supply shortages and rising prices in August after the July in the pending home sales continue to fall, as the lowest level since January, explain the recent weak real estate market sales.

almost four months, pending home sales have been falling for the third month. In the past year, 0 drop in pending home sales. 2%. Analysis shows that americans emerge from earlier this year after a wave of buying spree has reduced the house to buy.

the national association of realtors chief economist Lawrence Yun, said August existing-home U. S. pending home sales rose only in the northeast part, from the supply is more abundant than other areas. Sales performance not as good as expected, other regions due to high prices and stock supply co. , LTD. , has some potential buyers and back.

the August existing-home sales also fell. , according to data released by the national association of realtors last Wednesday in August existing-home sales in 5. 33 million, the total is less than the expected 5. 45 million, for the second consecutive monthly decline, and fell to the second low throughout the year.

according to the Wall Street see real-time news:

the August sales of previously owned homes in 5. 33 million, the total expected 5. 45 million, before the value of 5. 39 million to 5. 38 million.
the August existing-home sales total annualized quarter-on-quarter - 0. 1 9%, expected. Value - 1%, before 3. Revised to - 2% 3. 4%.

this year housing situation is no better. Shortages that house prices continue to rise. Statistics show that in August the single family home sales down 6% compared with last month. Lawrence Yun warned that if there is no significantly improve housing construction, sales of existing homes now it is difficult to recovery.

despite the recent downturn in the housing market analysis in general, the housing market steady growth, low mortgage interest rates and strong job growth continues to look good.
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