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The U. S. presidential election looming market with bated breath for final debate

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On Wednesday evening local time, the democratic and republican the two presidential candidates will third presidential debate in Las Vegas. Foreign media speculated that this might be the last trump a chance to recover lost votes. U. S. stocks midday in maintaining rose slightly.

according to bloomberg new poll, Hillary current ratings trump 9 percentage points. Fox news poll, Hillary Clinton, the current leading trump six percentage points. Financial blogs Zerohedge think, even if the polls have deviation, want to fill the gap between the two is also a challenge for the trump.

many pundits said trump do badly in the first debate. When trump says he is much better than her temper.

the second debate in 2005 trump inappropriate comments about women video was released. Trump apologize for their comments, and make personal attacks to Mrs Clinton. And with this comes, constantly accused the trump of the women had to his indecent behavior. However, Mrs Trump, originally from Slovenia's former model Melania Trump, in an interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper called the charge & other; Lie & throughout; 。

the Wall Street journal pointed out that the key to win a debate trump is not to fall into her trap, avoid Hillary's attack on his personal problem. Previously served as the 2012 republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney campaign adviser Kevin Madden said: & other; Need to make the whole game trump's centre of gravity is no longer his personal. Hillary Clinton & middot; Clinton wants the entire campaign become to trump a referendum, but every time when Hillary bait, trump would not surprisingly the bait. ”

U. S. presidential candidates the third debate will be 9 p. m. eastern time to broadcast at 10:30. Allegedly, trump will invite and President Obama are blood relations brother.

today, U. S. stocks rose slightly, the dollar also maintain gains, the Mexican peso further strengthened against the dollar, helped by reports that China's economy in the third quarter to achieve steady growth, and the weak us core inflation than expected.

by the Beijing time at 2:10, the s&p 500 index was 0. 38%, the dow Jones industrial average rose 0. 45%, or 82 points. The dollar index is close to 98 mark, days increase at 0. 05%.

$/ Mexican peso 0. 41%, at 18. 5391.
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