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The United States for the week ending July 30, after the seasonally adjusted jobless benefits of 26. 90000 people

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
According to Thursday ( On August 4,) A government report says, American initial jobless claims last week an accident increased, but the job market trend is still healthy, this also is in the 300000 mark for the following 74 consecutive weeks.

the U. S. department of labor, 痛单位) The United States, according to data released on July 30, the week after the seasonally adjusted jobless benefits increased 3000 to 26. 90000 people, has been 74 consecutive weeks remain below the 300000 mark, forecast of 26. Before 50000, value of 26. 60000 people.

more, according to claims for jobless benefits last week four-week average increase of 3750 people, to 26. 0. 25 million people. Market believes that the data can be better reaction labor market conditions, in addition to the for weeks and weeks between fluctuations.

the labor department said that jobless claims is to track the number of claims for unemployment benefits for the first time last week. This data is a good complement to monthly jobs report, when there are more and more people apply for unemployment benefits, suggests that job losses, and vice versa. Investors can use the report clues for economic growth, but the data is volatile.

Reuters comment on the American when week please, please unexpectedly rose early last week, at the same time, the car company general repair line, therefore employment slowdown in demand can cause early please fluctuations, but the job market trend is still healthy, this also is 74 consecutive weeks in the 300000 mark for the following; As the Labour market has or close to full employment, when a week please decline or limited; It is noteworthy that the data is not included in the July payroll statistics.
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