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The United States on August consumer confidence index for 101. 1

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The conference board ( ConferenceBoard) On Tuesday, On August 30) August released data show that U. S. consumer confidence index is better than expected, and the highest since September last year.

detailed data show that U. S. consumer confidence index for August 101. 1, the forecast for 97. 0, 7 menstrual revised for 96. 7, the first value is 97. 3.

August U. S. consumer status index for 123. 0 to the highest since August 2007, 7 menstrual revised for 118. 8, the first value is 118. 3.

August U. S. consumer expectations index for 86. The period July 4, the highest since October, after correction for 82. 0, the value is 83. 3.

in addition, the conference board for 23 August obtain employment index. 4, 7 menstrual revised for 22. 1, the first value is 22. 3. Consumers' one-year inflation expectations for 4 and 8 month. 8%, on July 4. 7%.

conference economic indicators, says LynnFranco director for business and employment market environment assessment are better than last month, also improve personal income prospects. Consumer confidence improved, suggesting that the next few months or moderate speed of economic growth.

the Wall Street journal review conference board consumer confidence index in August in the United States say the U. S. conference board consumer confidence index is better than expected in August, its highest level since September 2015, suggest that household spending will remain as a key factor to support economic growth in the United States; Since the second quarter of this year, consumer spending in 2014 years the fastest growth rate, to offset the weakness of the business and government spending on the economy.
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