The Usage evaluation of DZ272 extractant from Yantai Cash

The Usage evaluation of DZ272 extractant from Yantai Cash

Our company’s 30000 ton battery nickel sulfate system started using the DZ272 extractant which produced by Zhengzhou Deyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. in 2017. Since its use, the system has been running stably and the extraction effect is good. We recognize the quality of the DZ272 extractant and are satisfied with the manufacturer’s after-sales service.
Yantai Cash Industrial Co., Ltd
September 26, 2022

Yantai Cash Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized enterprise integrating cobalt metal hydrometallurgy, scientific research and development, production and operation, and comprehensive utilization of resources. The registered capital of the company is 185 million yuan. The total assets of the company are 427 million yuan. There are 406 employees, including 87 professional and technical personnel; it covers an area of ​​100 acres (66,000 square meters), and the factory building area is 37,000 square meters.

Cash uses the rich cobalt ore originating in Africa, adopts the international advanced hydrometallurgical process and the non-hydrochloric acid system electrowinning product production process (patent) with independent intellectual property rights, and multi-stage purification and purification production facilities, which not only make the products The grade and quality are in the advanced position in China, creating a technical support platform for the greater development of production.

Yantai Cash Industrial Co. Ltd. is the only one in Shandong province engaged in the production and comprehensive utilization of cobalt and nickel resources. Its main products includes cobalt cathode, nickel cathode as well as battery grade cobalt sulfate, nickel sulfate and cobalt chloride for which the scale and capacity rank top 3 in China.

Yantai Cash’s quality management system has certified to conform with ISO9001 and QC 80000 (applicable to European RoHS requirements). In 2010, the company’s CASH brand cobalt metal was approved by the LME for good delivery against LME contracts and by China Stainless Steel Exchange (Wuxi) for good delivery against its cobalt futures contract. As a strategic material, the CASH brand cobalt was also stockpiled by China State Reserve Bureau. In March 2017, the CASH brand nickel was approved by the LME for good delivery against LME contract.

Yantai Cash’s independently developed “process for cobalt electro-winning from non-chloride electrolyte” and “the integral sealing apparatus for the surface of electrolytic tank used in electro-winning from sulfate system” have obtained national invention patent.

Now Yantai Cash has independently developed the high-performance precursor material used in lithium-ion battery and the extraction of high purity scandium oxide from nickel and cobalt smelter slag, both are key material for new energy vehicles encouraged by the government.

We special to focus on R&D metal extraction reagents, our major products as below:

  1. DZ988N/DZ973N/DZ902 copper solvent extraction reagent.
  2. DZ272 Nickel, cobalt, manganese, and magnesium separation extractant.
  3. DY319 high efficiency nickel cobalt co extraction extractant.
  4. DY377 efficient nickel and diamond separation extractant.
  5. DY366 new advanced nickel cobalt extractant.
  6. P204 (D2EHPA or HDEHP) extractant.
  7. DY301, DY302 for nuclear spent fuel recovery.
  8. Other extraction reagents for Vanadium extractant, Lithium extractant, Ferro extractant and rare earth extractant.