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The use of extraction equipment factory is introduced: the extraction equipment considerations

by:Deyuan      2020-07-26

extracting equipment factory, which is used in the manufacture of operating devices is essentially a kind of mass transfer, can by extraction solvent and extracting agent good contact to achieve the success of the material contained in the component separation. At present, everybody praised extraction equipment factory developed extraction equipment can be divided into two categories, classification and differential contact. Extraction equipment in use process need strict attention to some matters in order to assure the normal operation of equipment, the following specific by service good extraction equipment factory. 。 Pay attention to the knowledge of system operation parameters extraction equipment is fully mixed extractant and materials, and the separation of dissolved the different material for mechanical equipment. In order to complete this operation, the effective extraction equipment factory to clarify before extraction device, the operator must pay attention to the knowledge of system operating parameters, and set up and adjust these parameters need to be able to correct, the correct adjustment is not only beneficial to reduce the energy consumption of extraction equipment, and to improve the extraction efficiency. 。 Note that the sequence of feeding equipment, good reputation when extracting equipment factory is introduced in the use of equipment to note that the sequence of feeding equipment, advanced starts when the upper tower feed, junior tower bottom feed; Shutdown stop tower bottom feed first and the top of the tower light component fully after ejection, then stop the upper tower feed. These regular feeding sequence of multicomponent mixture extraction equipment according to the effective separation of materials characteristics and operation steps. 。 Pay attention to preventive maintenance equipment extraction equipment factory stress during long time use extraction tower equipment need extraction equipment maintenance on a regular basis, on the basis of the original, check whether all the configuration changes. Operating personnel to the pressure and temperature of extraction equipment, current examination of various parameters such as interface, these parameters are normal about the stability and noise extraction equipment. Extraction equipment factory, still need to check the oil system of the clear oil is in line with the relevant provisions. Extraction equipment factory introduced extraction equipment considerations include the use of pay attention to the knowledge of system operating parameters, note that the sequence of feeding equipment, pay attention to preventive maintenance equipment. At the same time, the extraction equipment clean after each use, as well as the health of the equipment placed environment is particularly important, good cleaning for extraction equipment longevity.
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