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The value of centrifugal extraction machine in glutamic acid extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Glutamic acid, is a kind of acidic amino acids. Two molecules containing carboxyl, chemical name for alpha Amino glutaric acid. Glutamate is rizzo discovered in 1856, colorless crystals, freshness, slightly soluble in water, but soluble in hydrochloric acid solution, the isoelectric point 3. 22. Abound in cereal protein, animal head content is more also. Glutamic acid in the process of biological protein metabolism in the body of important position, to participate in many of the animals, plants and microorganisms in the important chemical reactions. MSG contains a small amount of glutamate.
medical glutamic acid is mainly used in the treatment of hepatic coma, is also used to improve children's mental development. Food industry, MSG is a common food increases fresh agent, its main composition is glutamic acid sodium salt. The monosodium glutamate production mainly used wheat gluten ( Gluten) Hydrolysis method, now switch to microorganism fermentation for mass production.
    L- Mainly for the production of monosodium glutamate, spices, salt and used as a generation agent, nutritional supplement and biochemical reagents, etc. L - Glutamic acid itself can be used as a drug, to participate in the brain protein and sugar metabolism, promote oxidation process, the goods in the body combined with ammonia into non-toxic l-glutamine, decreased blood ammonia, alleviate the symptoms of hepatic coma.

glutamic acid using value food
glutamate is the one of the basic amino acid of nitrogen metabolism in the body and is of great significance on the metabolism. L - glutamic acid protein is the main composition, glutamate is widespread in nature. A variety of food and contain glutamate in the human body, it is one of the structure of the protein or peptide amino acids, and free amino acid, delicious L amino acids is thicker.

commodity glutamic acid amino acid production in the world's largest varieties, as a nutrition drug can be used for skin and hair. For pilatory, can be absorbed by skin, prevent loss of hair and make hair, the hair papilla, wool mother cell nutritious function, and can dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, melhado effect prevent hair loss. Used for the skin, have curative effect on treatment of wrinkles.

medicine industry glutamic acid can also be used for medicine, because of glutamic acid is one of a protein amino acid, although it's not a amino acids necessary for human body, but it can be used as carbon and nitrogen nutrients in the body's metabolism, has a high nutritional value. Glutamic acid absorbed by the body, after yi and blood ammonia form valley amido, can remove the toxicity of ammonia in the process of metabolism, therefore prevention and treatment of hepatic coma, protecting liver, auxiliary drug is liver disease patients. Brain tissue can only glutamic acid oxidation, not oxidation of other amino acids, therefore, l-glutamine can be used as the energy of the brain substance, improve brain function. Glutamic acid as supplements of ganglia, and cerebral cortex, to treat a concussion or nerve injury, epilepsy and retarded children all have certain curative effect. Made of glutamate medicine have medicinal glutamate internal and slice, monosodium glutamate, Potassium) Injection, glutamic acid and calcium injection, acetyl glutamic acid injection, etc.
centrifugal extraction machine in
glutamic acid value of glutamic acid extraction technology to extract the monosodium glutamate production processes and the technological factors such as cost, quality and environment influence is most important. Existing 'such as ionization/yield of high technology, but there exists large material consumption, waste water and other defects; 'DianZhuan crystal enrichment, low auxiliary materials consumption, less waste water and good quality, but had a disadvantage of low yield of glutamic acid; 'spray granulation process to eliminate the high concentrated wastewater pollution, but also causes serious waste gas pollution, environmental problems with the scale enlargement of monosodium glutamate manufacturing and showed a trend of increase. 'glutamic acid extraction without waste low consumption process in clean production, directed by the theory of absorb the advantage of the existing technologies, and for the economic, environment and quality of the overall integration, by developing key technology, formation of low cost, good quality, no pollution and easy to enlarge the glutamic acid extraction of new technology. However, centrifugal extraction machine in the production of glutamic acid extraction process wastewater treatment which has important reference value.
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