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The working process of the electrolytic aluminium industry

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
01, electrolytic aluminium worker to work every day, the first thing is one by one to check the operation condition of the electrolytic cell, and then a targeted for maintenance, the jargon and other See trough & throughout; 。

02, trough and after the tour, began to maintenance. Flat surface of furnace, it is one of them, can ensure uniform cell temperature, anode conductive, also can prevent oxidation, in a blaze.

3, up the bus, they more than 4 o 'clock in the morning came to shop, to carry on the maintenance of the bus frame and, after waiting for PTM idle, adjust upper cell bus trip, 5 people, electrolytic cell is responsible for 140. Lift bus workers think, with the continuous improvement of equipment automation degree, work condition is much better than before.

4, measured at two levels, namely the electrolyte level and the level of primary aluminum, can effectively grasp the production level of each cell.

05, the aluminum, using the principle of negative pressure lift the high temperature liquid aluminum into the vacuum bag, and then transported to the downstream unit for processing.

06, electrolytic tank upper equipment normal operation, is the guarantee of electrolytic smooth and efficient production. After RuFu, electrolytic factory pay more attention to daily inspection and maintenance of the upper trough.

7, the summer is period of equipment failure, the upper crust of electrolyzers cylinder requires constant maintenance, to avoid air leakage phenomenon.

08, electrolytic cell, is a matter of life. At present, the domestic large operating life of aluminum electrolytic cell in 1500 days, the foreign advanced countries can reach 2500 days or so, zhongfu aluminium company 1036 # trough and 3176 days after operation, stop groove overhaul. After electrolytic workers to shut down the electrobath short corner of the lower pressure drop, reduce power consumption.

9, 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, electrolysis is the most busy time of the day. Pole changing, grilled belong to high temperature + heavy physical work, such as precipitation of electrolytic unions do all kinds of labor protection, and then work.

10, the pole is raised, replacement of new anode, will sink salvaged materials in furnace bottom, to ensure that the chamber of a stove or furnace neat, aluminium quality is stable. Use & other electrolytic workers; Pole changing in dregs system & throughout; Salvage large pieces of material, the system consists of zhongfu aluminium company independent research and development, at present is applying for national patent.

11, after the pole changing, to strike & other; Pole changing in dregs system & throughout; To clean and to avoid adhesion after cooling not be removed.
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