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The world's first wet smelting lead production line in xiangyun completed and put into operation successfully

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On July 28, 2016, xiangyun dragon regeneration technology co. , LTD. Wet smelting lead production line successfully completed and put into operation formally. Joint international lead and zinc study group, the international association of zinc congratulatory message at the same time, congratulations to the world's first full wet process for metal lead production factory production, the production line for xiangyun dragon company ten years grinding sword, invested more than 400 million yuan, after 10 years of independent research and development funds for research successful & other; Lead sulfate wet lead smelting process & throughout; Patent technology, and new world first.

xiangyun dragon regeneration technology co. , LTD is the world's first wet smelting lead production lines wet smelting lead production line, disruptive changes to the traditional method of lead process, all process are conducted in solution, thoroughly to eliminate the lead smoke and sulfur dioxide emissions, fundamentally solves the lead flue gas pollution. New technology of energy consumption is only about a quarter of the traditional craft, maximum limit reduces the production cost, environmental protection and economic benefit is remarkable. Production line with the company zinc smelting lead sulfate slag as raw material, after the comprehensive recovery of lead, gold, silver, indium and other valuable metals, 300 new jobs.

it is understood that xiangyun dragon regeneration technology co. , LTD. , founded in 1998, now has three xin alloy co. , LTD. , longpan mining limited liability company subsidiary company, is a completely using smelting steel plant dust, debris and other secondary materials processing and comprehensive recovery of lead, gold, silver, indium, and other valuable metals circular economy enterprise, the total assets of 85. 500 million yuan, net assets amounted to 48. 800 million yuan.

for many years, the company adhere to independent innovation, vigorously develop the circular economy. Will the research and development spending by 3% of the annual sales revenue, establish strategic cooperative relations with many domestic well-known colleges and universities, top industry experts to form a technology research and development team, formed & other; Production & throughout; Combination of technical innovation system, now developed into owns more than 50 scientific research achievements, a number of domestic and international invention patents of innovative enterprises, including & other; A wet lead smelting technology lead sulfate & throughout; “ An extraction method of zinc oxide lead & zinc residue volatilization kiln throughout; “ Organic solvent extraction of zinc and the combination of wet zinc smelting process & throughout; Three patents won the first prize in the first patent of China circular economy at the same time, is the only global refining industry achieve 100% in secondary resources as raw materials. Adhere to the transformation and upgrading, achieve sustainable development. Practice to structural reform required capacity and the supply side, the optimize allocation of production factors, realize the secondary resource recycling, transform traditional lead and zinc smelting industry for the circular economy industry, from & other; The setting sun & throughout; Industry to & other; Chaoyang & throughout; The conversion of industries. Adhere to the engines, promote the development of related industry. One hundred million yuan investment of more than 30 new oxygen-enriched high speed rotary kiln, zinc extraction production line, a batch of projects, such as wet smelting lead in solving social employment, promoting social harmony and stability, promoting the construction of the new urbanization, etc to make positive contribution to the company over the past three years to achieve the main business income of nearly 7 billion yuan, pay tax of more than 500 million yuan, solve the employment of nearly 4000 people.
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