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Theory of domestic centrifugal extractor

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

s centrifugal extractor after successful development, due to different in mixer settler, the structure and principle of the extracting tower and other related equipment, make the centrifugal extractor get extensive application in the field. In some areas have mixer settler and extraction tower irreplaceable role. Due to the original origin of centrifugal extractor in foreign countries, the late due to expanding application area makes centrifugal extraction equipment based on constant innovation in the design. In s, the United States developed the mixing chamber and impeller of centrifugal extraction, s America out of the ring gap on the basis of innovation type centrifugal extractor. In fact, the type of the centrifugal extractor is very much, include: independent single type, a multistage type, vertical, horizontal, the liquid-liquid mixing, stirring, but needs to be under the centrifugal force of the state, to achieve complete a mixture of two phase fluid contact and mass transfer, split phase. In China s successfully developed the annular cantilever centrifugal extractor, enter the era of reform and development, domestic by excessive after the completion of the planned economy to market economy, the new technology and new equipment with the demand of the market, then start production of domestic some manufacturer is related centrifugal extraction equipment, though years of reform and opening up on the pace of development in this field have a certain result, but the effect is not ideal. First of all, in the domestic relevant books and materials about centrifugal extractor is less, now older research experts, professors, because of the centrifugal extractor old gradually withdraw from the field, but they are for our further research books at that time, leave very valuable information. Such as: by the Tube type centrifugal extractor 】 Chun-lin ye, a professor in solvent extraction in the manual chapter 13' Centrifugal extractor. Writer Zhou Jiazhen professor,' Liquid - Liquid extraction process and equipment 】 Li Zhou professor, etc. , all leave the results in the relevant books and materials. At present, the domestic in the field of the centrifugal extractor, able to adhere to and preparation research professionals has been rarely, although the relevant information to the subsequent designer provides a large number of detailed data, including: various types and specifications of the centrifugal extractor at home and abroad, the structure, mechanical principle and performance, etc. , many problems, but the designer and the process still needs a long-term accumulation of technology. At this point our domestic centrifugal extraction equipment with foreign equipment does exist very large gaps, especially on large centrifugal extraction equipment with life, phase splitting ability, processing flux and so on a series of problems. Second, several domestic enterprises in the production of centrifugal extraction machine ( Domestic name) , because under the action of the market economy, has led to some enterprises in the blind pursuit of the interests of the case, take the price of the malicious competition, exaggerated propaganda, even some irresponsible products into the market, finally in the field of application. We should not have been applied in a simple extraction system, published has overtaken France in one hundred, the products of the enterprise, we need to know a kind of awe attitude to centrifugal extraction machine, the centrifugal extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine manufacturing, the demand of the domestic market will grow in this area. But domestic centrifugal extraction machine development speed and economic development speed obviously do not match, there are many reasons for this is we need to summarize. Now that we have entered the computer age. Endless design software, analysis software, new materials, advanced processing means, for the leap-forward development of centrifugal extraction machine, provides a very good chance. But more advanced processing method, it is a good software design also cannot replace the tradition technology accumulation. Until today in development of China's centrifugal extraction machine, done are very clear in the countless failures. But blind despise it, despise it use performance, technical content will be inferior products at a low price on the market to improve share, so reckless approach will have a devastating blow in this field. Lost confidence in the domestic market of domestic equipment, denied the possibility of large area is used in the field of application of domestic equipment. We can see on the Internet there are a large number of second-hand market centrifugal extraction machine and related equipment, a variety of reasons cause this to happen though, but does not rule out the device itself, the result of the related project dismount and abandoned. Is the current domestic procurement of industrialized production of centrifugal extraction equipment's enterprise, has lost the trust and confidence of manufacturing enterprises, in the purchase price and terms of settlement in the very demanding. Results appear common abnormal phenomenon, cause it is hard to balance payment to recover, but enter the judicial process cost under the condition of manpower and material resources, costly and not worth, such a vicious cycle of phenomenon caused by the lower level in the field of innovation or stagnation. Due to the limitation of the application field of the centrifugal extractor, is currently the market demand, is also impossible to form a category of the industry, only in the exploration of research and development, on the principle of a breakthrough, when our products in the true sense approaching foreign product quality level, there will be a very good prospect. The so-called 'bargain' is actually a false proposition, I wish good price can continue later development.
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