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Thin copper disadvantaged concussion, tightening supply consumption

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Week quotation description:
this week LME3 copper for wide range decline, Monday at $4911, weeks after opening in a high $4965, then shake down, leave high to go lower, on Tuesday night diving down, the second half of the week declining stability, low $4786 test weeks on Thursday, Friday, maintain shocks, domestic trading period ended in 4832. Falling $5, $84, or 1. 71%, reducing 2358 hand position to 35. 60000 hands. This week Shanghai copper main 1609 contract, opened in 37690 yuan, wide range to touch on Tuesday evening weeks a peak of 38450 yuan, then diving in and maintain in trend, evening around hitting a weeks minimum 37280 yuan, a slight rebound in late and shock, finally closing at 37620 yuan, up 100 yuan, or 0. 27%, increased holdings of 26416 hands and 22. 50000 hands.

spot copper: Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) 信息。 smechina。 com. Cn, clinch a deal this week the main interval - 37480 yuan 37940 yuan/tons, main in c60 - liter discount B180 yuan/ton, the price is fluctuated violently, weaker litres of water continued to rise. Market supply gradually tighten this week, mainly in good copper peace copper water supply shortage, since traders stock up, pushing the goods stay up to physical premium. This week supply tight spot consumption performance is still weak, so the market form a pattern of supply and demand two light. Domestic smelters small shipment, the import customs clearance is less, the current market more than imports of copper is given priority to with traders inventory, domestic brand in the majority with daye, tongling, etc. Today Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot copper main clinch a deal in 37480 - in the morning 37660 yuan/ton, with the previous session on the morning of prices, 120 litres in b0 - discount B180 yuan. Shanghai metal trading center spot copper extraction solution index in 37633, compared with the previous fall 127 a day. Today market supply is slightly loose, smelter few shipments, traders shipment is given priority to, stock up good copper copper has a small peaceful water outflow, premium declined slightly, the downstream weak demand, a small amount of on-demand procurement when copper prices fell, but the overall weak, less increase procurement phenomenon over the weekend. Good afternoon liter discount is declined slightly in the morning, copper in b150 - B160 yuan, the past decade in the b50 - copper B70 yuan, wet the c40 - copper C20 yuan. Extract solution according to Shanghai metal trading center survey, most traders fall view, a small number of traders take shock view.

【 Center point 】
in the United States, June durable-goods orders month rate by 3. Drop 9%, the rate of industrial orders month 1. 5%, slightly better than expected, with the decline in the price of crude oil, the second half of the U. S. manufacturing or continue to suffer. Britain, the bank of England cut interest rates for the first time in seven years, fall in line with market expectations. At the same time, expand the scale of QE. In addition, the central bank cut in the second half of the economic forecasts, mainly reflects the middle business and residential investment fell sharply and weak consumer spending. Britain's rate cuts or increases in interest rates will reduce $years forecast. This week, commodities futures volatility, especially black tie. Black tie strength especially the reason of administrative compulsion to capacity, also reflects the market liquidity are actively looking for more opportunities. As weak and copper futures market, spot and strong premium form a pattern of differentiation. From the technical level, day K line has been under effective wear among rail, but near the 40 - day moving average have certain support, combined with the decline in the MACD trend copper or weak shocks, is expected to decline in short-term have certain space, short-term support to see 37000.
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