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Tin review: non-farm wait-and-see mood before the partial thick tin consolidation in Shanghai

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Tonight U. S. investors on the sidelines before the June payroll data, London tin fell $165 back the day before all gains, waiting for non-agricultural guidance, today Shanghai tin or consolidation, material is tin co. , LTD.

【 The futures market 】 Last night, known as the small non-farm ADP employment report showed the United States in June, said the ADP employment growth continues to grow, and better than market expectations, the dollar higher metal prices tumbled across, night Aaron tin shock consolidation, closed $17600 fell $165, giving up all the gains the day before; Shanghai tin on main 1609 contract today opening price 117880 yuan down 280 yuan, 9:30 p. m. 1605 contract latest offer for 115620 fell 2540 yuan; Waiting for non-agricultural guide, today Shanghai tin or consolidation.

London metal exchange ( LME) 7, tin the latest inventory of 6050 metric tons, inventory from the previous trading day unchanged.

( sn. ) Expected: tonight the investors on the sidelines before the June payroll data, today Shanghai tin or weak shocks, is expected to spot tin limited declines.
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