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Tin review: the lack of real demand to support the tin back to the weak

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 The weak data increased global growth concerns, London tin fell 2. 22% since 16 months highs, tin, the lack of real demand support rally in brief, is expected to spot tin down today.

【 The futures market 】 Data show that U. S. factories may decline in new orders, the weak data to overall economic growth concerns is aggravating, overnight U. S. and European stocks fell, tin fell sharply, and the latest closing price to $17600, down $400, or to 2. 22%; Shanghai tin on main 1609 contract today opening price 121280 yuan down 180 yuan, 9:30 p. m. the latest quotation for 116460 yuan down 1605 5000 yuan; Pay attention to the non-agricultural data this week, market sentiment back to cautious, weak days is expected to Shanghai tin movements.

London metal exchange ( LME) 5, tin the latest inventory of 6050 metric tons, inventory from the previous trading day unchanged.

( sn. ) Expected: Britain withdrew the global economic outlook uncertain, risk appetite relapse, Shanghai tin to return to the weak; Because of the lack of real demand, prices rally short, days after the Shanghai tin weak consolidation, spot tin or fall.
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