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Tin strong rise, the market volume was light

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
Aaron tin shock strong today. Remain unchanged after opening at $18145, quickly rushed to top $18240 on or giving up, after to press time closed at $18120, down $35, drop to zero. 19%, volume reduced to 20 hands, 277 holdings 19230 hands, no more or less. Shanghai tin main shock strong today. Remain high and volatile day trading, minimum rebound quickly after hitting 120800 yuan, up to 122600 yuan, 122440 yuan, up 1650 yuan, up to 1. 37%, volume reduction of 11064 hands, 4910 holdings increased by 264 to 14234 hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot tin mainly deal in 121000 - in the morning 122000 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 500 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot tin metal extraction solution index at 121625 points, a rise of 500 points in the last trading day. Prices continue to rise in the afternoon, mainly deal in the 120000 - 122500 yuan/ton, smelter for production shipment, some traders said the inventory is insufficient, pretty price will strongly, downstream inquiry is more, but fear can't pick up the goods, clinch a deal as a whole. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution results, traders believe that recent tin or continued to rise.

【 Center point 】
July LMCI data show bright eye, the labor employment rate rise, said the U. S. job market is stable, but the fed is expected to raise interest rates in September is still weak; Chinese inflation in July to show the basic within market expectations, according to data, China's CPI rose in July 1. 8%, in line with expectations, the previous value of 1. Edged down 9%, without natural disasters, the CPI or weaker, performance data, such as weak inside and outside the plate movements of base metal, but less influence on the phase of the tin, tin rose slightly. Fundamentals, the sea resources rainie's project in July concentrate containing tin output of 461 tons, down 28. Cumulative output fell 4%, 1 to 7 month 16. 2%, combined with domestic smelters to shut down has yet to be restored, raw material supply, supply tight, or boost prices higher. Technology, main Shanghai tin MACD by Yin and Yang, rally strong, ma long arrangement, and below 20 daily average lines to support the strong, is expected to issue tin or maintain a rally in the short term.
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