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Tin tin continue to rise, the spot light volume

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
London tin concussion uplink. Early in the day at $18100, concussion run after opening day minimum to $18100, the city will be closed after consolidation, slightly late concussion uplink, up to $18475, to $18415, up $260, up to 1. 43%, and an additional 146 to 443 hand volume, open interest increased by 103 to 19333 hands. Yesterday Shanghai tin main shock upside, rose slightly. Night opened at 122570 yuan, a consolidation after opening, the lowest 122170 yuan, the evening of 23 points after all the way up, gains after taking up to 125450 yuan, 124720 yuan, up 3080 yuan, up to 2. 53%, volume reduction of 8796 hands, 2268 holdings increased by 1178 to 15412 hands. Spot market overview:

yesterday Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot tin mainly deal in 121000 - in the morning 122000 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 500 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot tin metal extraction solution index at 121625 points, a rise of 500 points in the last trading day. Prices continue to rise in the afternoon, mainly deal in the 120000 - 122500 yuan/ton, smelter for production shipment, some traders said the inventory is insufficient, pretty price will strongly, downstream inquiry is more, but fear can't pick up the goods, clinch a deal as a whole. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution results, traders believe that recent tin or continued to rise.

【 Center point 】
China July PPI continues to narrow, compared to the sequential from fall to rise, or show that China's manufacturing industry gradually improve, the overall economic stability; Initial value in the United States, in the second quarter non-farm productivity and labor productivity is still stagnant, a weak dollar, or make it easier to raise interest rates, but should pay attention to avoid a downward pressure to stimulate demand, overnight U. S. and European stocks rose, crude oil fell, base metals were mixed, tin period greatly. Fundamentals, yesterday the LME tin inventory continues to fall 210 tons to 5060 tons, the market supply and demand of extreme imbalance, in short supply situation continue to boost prices higher. The main technical point of view, Shanghai tin ma long arrangement, MACD Yang line expanded significantly, touch the brin on track day K line, rising momentum, expected in the short term period tin or continue to rise.
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