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Tin tin tin review: the rising dollar, on Aaron a three-month lows

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Rising dollar weigh on tin, tin overnight Aaron fell to a three-month low, Shanghai fared better than outside dish, tin last night Shanghai consolidation trend, in the short term is expected to top still have pressure, this is tin or fell slightly.

【 The futures market 】 In April the latest U. S. new home sales data is strong, the market for the fed to raise interest rates expected to enhance, pushed the dollar rose again, London tin pressure down 2. Brushed again by 4% to $16050 was the lowest in more than three months; Shanghai tin on main 1609 contract today opening price 106000 yuan rise 780 yuan, guiltless, 1605 contracts the latest quotation for 105210 yuan fell 10 yuan. Short-term fundamentals bearish, Shanghai tin opened higher after shocks in the afternoon, today Shanghai tin or continue weak consolidation.

London metal exchange ( LME) 24 the LME tin the latest inventory of 6885 metric tons, inventory increase than the previous trading day 75 metric tons.

( sn. ) Expected: the fed's April meeting minutes after the release, several fed officials to raise interest rates again, that makes the market's expectations of the fed to raise interest rates in the summer significantly enhanced. At present, July meeting suddenly become the focus of the next raise interest rates. Traders expected to raise interest rates in July rate is 57%. Although Shanghai fared better than outside dish, but mostly in the short term bearish news surface, the Shanghai tin lack of kinetic energy, is expected to weak consolidation today, is expected to spot tin down slightly.
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