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Tin tin weekly review: next week prices or high and volatile ( 7. 11 - 7. 15)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Tin week review.

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram
this cycle still offers a steady rise in sn direction. Push from commodity market impact on money continues, just strength decreased, some of these investors from Shanghai period after tin rise slowed, giving early some gains, but a weaker dollar, macroeconomic factors such as crude oil prices in good stage, the Shanghai period tin below support stable, midline strong shock probability is bigger, interval and temporary see 115000 - next week 121000 yuan/ton.
tin slow-down in downstream buyer will decline
under phase of tin price soared straight last week, the spot market transactions, to worry about prices continue to rise, part of the downstream businesses in the market actively sourcing. Tin slow-down in this cycle, 120000 shows a rising blocked, spot price is back in 117000 - as of Friday About 119000 yuan/ton, the downstream market will gradually calm, clinch a deal mainly between traders, market brands are plentiful, but low price goods consumption faster, clinch a deal as a whole.
tin show stable raw material prices gradually restore
because last week period of tin rose rapidly, tin ore concentrate market, once appear priceless no market situation, this tin has temporarily show stable in 118000 - cycle About 120000 yuan/ton, in the face of temporary stability for the high prices, tin market hold grocers start trying to shipment, but there are also some businessmen are still waiting for prices to rise further, looking forward to a higher profit. As of Friday at 60 degrees of tin concentrate tax - in 103500 105000 yuan/ton, 98500-40 degrees tin concentrate 100000 yuan/ton.
waste tin market more stable
this week waste tin small increase in price stability, silver and tin bistable, silver tin and pure tin little changed, as of Friday, 200 - silver tin 203, rose 2 yuan per kg from last week, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 100 101 yuan, up 2 yuan per kg from last week. Because the silver tin and pure tin price stability, so this week normal market transactions.
above all, next week is expected to tin steady oscillation is given priority to, tin shock interval 17500 - Tin 115000 - $18200, Shanghai 121000 yuan/ton.
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