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Tin tin weekly review: the dollar next week or shock and upper pattern ( 6. 13 - 6. 17)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Industry news
1, the Indonesian ministry on Monday ( June 13) Tin: according to official data released in May, freight month-on-month drop 22% to 5378 tonnes.
2, Reuters reported last week, South Korea's public procurement services ( PPS) As compared with $490 higher than that of the LME prices cif, buying from Sanji company is scheduled to delivery in September 100 tons of tin in Malaysia.
period tin week review
Shanghai period focus further up this week, the federal reserve to keep interest rates unchanged, a weaker dollar boosted the metal market. In addition, tin this week continues to reduce inventory, and it also support for tin city, tin this week performance is strong, as of Friday, tin week 0. Tin weekly decline 47%, Shanghai 3. 23%.
follow futures performance spot prices strong
the domestic spot prices continue to remain strong with futures, spot market price of the early 110000 - 115000 yuan/ton, the market on Thursday, and the price is up to 112500 yuan/ton, but did not drive the market sentiment in the price of the downstream businesses in a state of wait-and-see, just need still generally as a whole.
high tin ore concentrate, there is some increase
this week tin concentrate more last week raised 1000 yuan, hunan, guangxi, jiangxi taste concentrate bid in 96500-60 97000 yuan/ton ( Tax included) Yunnan taste concentrate bid in 92000-40 92500 yuan/ton ( Tax included) 。 Market as a whole activity always is not high, clinch a deal the insipid.
waste tin market slightly raised
this week waste tin price increases with futures, unleaded tin block quotation 94 - per kilogram 95 yuan, silver tin price increases for silver strong gains obvious, quote per kg - 180 183 yuan.
above all, next week is expected to tin shock interval maintained at 16800 - Tin 110000 - $17500, Shanghai 115000 yuan/ton, the domestic spot tin ingot - 110000 113500 yuan/ton.
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