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Tin weekly review: Aaron temporary weak phase tin tin, next week ended higher after initially falling probability ( 8. 8 - 8. 12)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Period of tin week review

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram
this cycle tin moves up after down first, the weekly gains 2. 76%, an increase of 3320 yuan/ton from last week. Affected by smelters to shut down and the dollar's weakness, news, this week's tin tin, Shanghai period both closed up, tin before Wednesday of record since last February 18650 dollars/ton back slightly after into a model in shock. Shanghai tin also keep up with the pace, on Thursday, hit a high of 125950 yuan/ton, is under pressure after moves back, but on average below support, fall is not big. Next week, from the influence of the news or will continue to affect the tin, tin, tin is the callback short-term trend, but the center line is still strong, the shape of the next week or show ended higher after initially falling, shock interval temporarily look: Aaron, tin - 18000 $18700 / ton, Shanghai tin 119000 - 126000 yuan/ton.
the spot price rise before stabilizing
Chinese smelter production continue to boost the market news, this week's tin tin Shanghai period's rise, Aaron hit a record high and phase of the tin tin was near high, under the drive, while domestic tin ingot prices open surge model, three trading days of rose 4000 yuan/ton, the market is bullish enthusiasm high, but fear is high, the downstream show hesitate to pick up the goods, just need to purchase more. Enter the second half of the week, tin, Shanghai tin highs, but not fall, fears of a price rise to fall, but it is a strong appetite for smelters and trader's price, the domestic spot price and maintain two days. The short term, Aaron tin tin has temporarily callback, but the middle market is still bullish, expected next week tin ended higher after initially falling probability is large, the downstream businesses can replenish stock when prices are low when urgent. Next week's price range see 120000 - 125500 yuan/ton.
tin boom lift raw material prices
this week tin tin and Shanghai stage performing, and has high innovation, combined with domestic smelters to shut down, the domestic spot price to rise rapidly, continuously boost domestic tin market confidence, the price also to rise sharply, market delivery enthusiasm, clinch a deal overall situation is good. As of Friday domestic tin concentrate tax at 60 degrees in 107000 - 109000 yuan/ton, 102000-40 degrees tin concentrate 104000 yuan/ton.
waste containing silver tin tin market with higher lag
this week waste tin market prices to rise significantly. The first half of the week for silver prices diving, silver tin drag its rally, other varieties of scrap tin price rise significantly. The second half of the week as white argues steady rebound boost with other varieties of scrap tin, silver tin price track gradually. As of Friday, guangdong area 210 - silver tin About 212 yuan/kg, rose 2 yuan per kg from last week, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 106 107 yuan/kg, rose 4 yuan per kg from last week. Silver and tin are in weak status, effect on silver tin is bigger, its price or have drop may next week.
above all, next week is expected to tin ended higher after initially falling whole, temporarily to see 18000 - Aaron tin shock interval $18700 / ton, Shanghai tin interval temporarily to see 119000 - 126000 yuan/ton.
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