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Tin weekly review: Britain withdrew the is a foregone conclusion tin confined downward ( 6. 13 - 6. 17)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Period of tin week review

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram
Aaron tin highs this week, Monday to Thursday movements in calm, and trading on Friday, Britain withdrew the referendum results, exit is a foregone conclusion, growing market risk, the dollar rebound sharply down all base metal tin, deep down, or about 2% on the day. Shanghai tin performance is relatively stable, but the whole weeks perfunctory, give priority to with concussion Yin fell. Now Britain withdrew the impact on the global economy is not yet clear, the commodity market is facing great uncertainty, next week is likely to appear extreme market, short-term period tin under pressure, uplink difficulties, next week market pessimism. Spot

the domestic spot this Zhou Weiwen stability, overall in the 109500 - quotation 112000 yuan/ton. According to the latest customs data, in May China's tin ore and concentrate imports reached 40575 tons, Gross weight) , it is estimated that about 4800 tons of tin content. Imports in May compared with April fell by 13%, but compared with the same period last year increased by 87%, most of which comes from Burma. Market analysis, into the rainy season in June, imports or declined. At present domestic smelters to normal production and shipment, according to relevant personage the raw material manufacturers sufficient reaction, while the rainy season, but the factory raw materials or late to drag on.
the raw material price is difficult to shake the
domestic tin concentrate prices remained stable this week. Phase of the tin market diving on Friday, but not yet spread to concentrate market, jiangxi, hunan province and guangxi 60 grade of tin concentrate tax-inclusive price quote - in 95500 96500 yuan/ton, compared with the previous Zhou Wei fall. Now concentrate producing normal production, smelting plant raw materials, market trading is not active.
waste tin prices slightly down
this week waste tin price basically remain unchanged, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 93 94 yuan, fell 1 yuan per kg from last week, silver tin price quote per kg - 180 182 yuan, a 0 drop from the last week per kg. 5 yuan. Enter the industry off-season, market is not so active.
above all, next week is expected to tin concussion downlink is given priority to, tin shock interval 16000 - Tin 108000 - $17000, Shanghai 111000 yuan/ton, the domestic spot tin ingots is expected in 108000 - 111000 yuan/ton.
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