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Tin weekly review: by supply support falling tin co. , LTD. ( 5. 3 - 5. 6)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Period tin week review

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram

this week for the first week of May 1 labor day period tin present dip rebounded, the last cycle before tin has experienced a sharp correction, but after opening quotation gradually improve, although the surrounding of other metal continue day fall, but the period of tin by China YunXi factory shutdown overhaul and the support of China's largest tin producer an old earthquake, bright eye, but on Friday by the surrounding metal, still leave money led to fall, the key data between tonight, will determine the commodity market in the short term, but the supply of support period falling tin co. , LTD. Spot this week to follow up

after the domestic spot price increases following period of tin, from the first 109500 yuan/ton rose to 112000 yuan/tons, overall rose 2000 yuan, smelter price is more stable, support for the spot price, but the downstream basic has been ready for the labor day, after purchase, and immediately into the summer, consumption ability, is expected to tin market into a stable period.
raw materials prices rose slightly,
domestic tin concentrate prices first rose 1000 yuan or so. Hunan, jiangxi and guangxi grade of tin concentrate price quote 88000-60 90000 yuan/ton, price is slightly lower in yunnan region, according to domestic businesses reaction of tin ore concentrate more businesses now doing the Burmese ore import and processing, has its own mining ore production is still not much, because the profit is too low, but the Burmese ore import risk factors is more, so raw material is still tight, ore prices will continue to rise difficulty.
waste tin market stable
unleaded tin block prices this week raised 2 yuan per kg, price per kg 92 - at the moment 95 yuan, the price of silver tin flat at 182 yuan per kilogram, waste tin market is relatively stable, but also because of facing the summer off-season, clinch a deal.
above all, next week 17000 - Aaron tin shock interval Tin 110000 - $17500 a narrow, Shanghai 115000 yuan/ton, the domestic spot tin ingots is expected in 110000 - 114000 yuan/ton.
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