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Tin weekly review: smaller supply support, next week's tin yi up to down ( 9. 5 - 9. 9)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Period of tin week review

figure 1: Aaron tin tin and Shanghai charts ( Yellow: tin; Red and green: Shanghai tin)
the LME tin registered warehouse on Thursday to reduce 150 tons, 2750 tons, lifted high tin jumped to 19 months, and under the dual influence of the dollar's decline, Aaron tin market this week continued to rise in, send out below average up, support, and the continuous decrease of inventory, gradually increase market worries about tight supplies, expected next week Aaron tin easily rise to fall, mainly with strong shocks, high range see 19200 - $19700 / ton. Shanghai period tin last weekend to surge to above 128000 yuan/ton, into this week, the Shanghai period of tin, though not falling back to previous lows, but apparently blocked, and we have continued to move down the center of gravity. Monday Shanghai tin once hit 129210 yuan/ton high, but starting on Tuesday in Shanghai tin trend gradually decline, as of Friday Shanghai much closer to the late period of tin near center of gravity has been down to 127000 yuan/tons, higher performance than tin bright eye. Next week because of the Mid-Autumn festival will come, Shanghai tin only open for three days, shortened, Shanghai period tin or space or not, but there are 5 daily average line turns down, so the material in Shanghai next week period stabilised tin dipped after the first rebound probability is big, price interval temporarily to see 126500 - next week 128500 yuan/ton. Cash price stable overall

week period for Shanghai tin following last week's rally, the highest ever to above 129000 yuan/ton, boosting domestic spot price with rose 1500 yuan/ton, the market clinch a deal the price rose to a peak of this week - 126000 128000 yuan/ton. Then Shanghai tin stalled, ended early by the situation, but below support stable, open the high sideways trend, the domestic spot with its small rise fall, overall prices basically stable, domestic spot price is in 126500 - as of Friday About 127500 yuan/ton, a week. This week in the domestic market supply of goods brand is more, clinch a deal is still at a low price supply of goods such as nanshan jinlong is popular with the downstream, from this week's market price changes, low-cost supply is gradually began to raise prices edged up after consumption, while YunXi price decline, price range narrowed considerably. Although traders actively ship's price, but the downstream whole is given priority to with just need to stock up, a lot of market buyers is less, the market clinch a deal is fair. Is expected next week, the domestic spot price to rise difficulty falling phenomenon will continue, but the futures, weaker domestic spot overall volatility next week or less, interval to see 125500 - 128000 yuan/ton.
the raw material prices to rise modestly
week domestic spot price and futures, the domestic market is influenced by exciting, tin concentrate focus service price, but after the price movements smooth, not clear now. Prices rose a lot from the same period a year earlier, the tin concentrate ship market enthusiasm has large improvement, but by the environmental protection and capacity constraints, mining enterprises starts did not raise, no obvious increase in the domestic raw material supply, causing prices to rise to fall, and smelters to mass production at the early stage of the experience after the storm, there is still for maintenance and repair a variety of reasons such as part of the production enterprises, so the raw material market supply and demand two prosperous, trading market as a whole. As of Friday domestic tin concentrate tax at 60 degrees in 110000 - 112000 yuan/ton, 104500-40 degrees tin concentrate 106500 yuan/ton.
waste silver tin tin market chase after go up
the spot price of the early positive boost, waste tin market prices actively with each type. A few days ago for silver prices diving drag on growth in the silver tin embarrassment does not go up, gradually get rid of the early this week as the silver prices rebounded sharply, silver tin began actively with other varieties. Scrap tin market prices each type at present, but the downstream electronics factory to demand is weak, so the waste tin market has obvious price no city, a whole clinch a deal the light. As of Friday, guangdong area 211 - silver tin About 214 yuan/kg, prices rise from last week about $3, 4, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 111 112 yuan/kg, prices rise from last week about $2.
above all, next week is expected to overall and modest, tin tin shock interval temporarily to see 19200 - $19700 / ton, Shanghai tin interval temporarily to see 126500 - 128500 yuan/ton, the spot price range to see 125500 - 128000 yuan/ton.
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