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Tin weekly review: spot prices strong, volatility next week or not ( 8. 22 - 8. 26)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Period of tin week review

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram
Aaron tin movements in performing this week, because of the LME tin stocks have fallen to 2008 in November to its lowest level of 3100 tons, tin buck up and hit a new high, weeks ended up a total of 1. 54%, and in the role of the fundamentals of good support, trend is still up, shock interval temporarily look: next week - 18200 $19000 / ton. Shanghai period tin trend overall rise this week, but weeks or only 0. 52%, an increase of 680 yuan/ton from last week. After week trend trading, up to 12. Over 40000, and it's a pity that the rally is short, the day after the accident the diving back to 12. Near 20000. With the approaching of the delivery month, 1609 contract positions is falling and trading activity is gradually converted to 1701 contracts, Shanghai tin in 10 - expected next week 20 daily average lines between consolidation pressure, under the support, rose sharply and drop probability is not big, Shanghai tin shock interval temporarily to see 120000 - next week 124500 yuan/ton.
spot prices edged up whole
week period for Shanghai tin fluctuation is not big, so the spot or fall in 250 yuan, the domestic spot price performance stable, the shipper of normal shipment, downstream market also stock up on dips, with small card consumption faster, clinch a deal among them is given priority to with cloud word brand distribution, market clinch a deal can be whole. Period on Wednesday for Shanghai tin rebound to above 1240000 yuan/ton, boosting domestic spot market confidence, days or expand to 1000 yuan/ton. Period of tin as Shanghai diving accident, the domestic spot price by market circulation supply of goods is not enough to rise difficulty falling phenomenon, although the price not to drop substantially, the shipper is still at a high premium shipment, but the price of the center of gravity down to the downstream businesses wait-and-see atmosphere, the market clinch a deal the present cold and cheerless situation over the weekend, as of Friday the domestic spot price has 122500 - by this weekend Up to 123500-124000 124500 yuan/ton, spot prices overall still is given priority to with rising pace, next week to spot prices look strong defensive expectations remain unchanged, but given the current futures price space is limited, therefore, is expected next week also spot price range is not big, still give priority to with high price adjustment, price interval temporarily to see 122500 - next week
125500 yuan/tons raw material prices to rise modestly
the overall domestic spot prices this week, boosting domestic tin concentrate prices also strong, price adjustment is mainly to rise slightly. At present although tin concentrate price increases along with the tin ingot rise sharply, but affected by the environmental protection efforts are stepping up, starts signs did not significantly increase in mines, it is for this reason, tin ore concentrate prices will present a most cases with rose with falling prices, and although most smelters gradually resume production, but the purchase quantity is small, so the whole market remains generally. As of Friday domestic tin concentrate tax at 60 degrees in 108000 - 110000 yuan/ton, 102500-40 degrees tin concentrate 104500 yuan/ton.
waste tin market price stability of small and medium-sized up
half weeks due to the domestic spot price, boost the pure tin block, such as waste tin synchronization with higher price. The second half of the week, spot prices fell slightly, waste tin with drop is not obvious, prices held steady at half weeks. The waste tin market for silver prices for many times in the diving, and weaker trend, the drag on the silver tin gains, so the whole week silver tin price for tin up silver down cancel each other out, the price did not change obviously. As of Friday, guangdong area 210 - silver tin About 212 yuan/kg, the price from last week was flat, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 107 109 yuan/kg, the price last week 1, 2 pieces. Current spot tin ingot prices rose too fast, joint waste tin prices remain high, and may continue to rise, but from its suppliers to understand: most downstream electronics factory still not get rid of the economic downturn, not have markedly improved, so demand has led to the current waste tin market price no city, if tin scrap prices continue to rise, will lead to the market as a whole to clinch a deal the more light.
above all, next week is expected to overall and modest, tin tin shock interval temporarily to see 18200 - $19000 usd/ton, Shanghai tin interval temporarily to see 120000 - 124500 yuan/ton, the spot price range to see 122500 - 125500 yuan/ton.
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