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Tin weekly review: tin next week is expected to recover unevenly ( 5. 23 - 5. 27)

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Period of tin week review

figure 1: Shanghai period tin day K line trend diagram

this week Aaron sn trend characterized by low levels, six even Yin tin before end of this week, Thursday and Friday 2nd back most of the decline, but the overall is still down about 1. 8%. Shanghai tin trend of U type this week, on Monday at high strength fell back quickly, weeks supported near ground as low as 104000 yuan, under the short leave support rapid rebound on Friday, back in 108000 yuan of above, closed up 1% from last week. Spot bottoming out

the domestic spot price of Yin fell on Monday to Thursday, mainly affected by the phase of tin prices and supply increase, the market for futures delivery into a lot of yunshan and YunXi, traders cast positive. The prices caused by center of gravity down, clinch a deal the price focus - in 106000 108000 yuan/ton. As Shanghai tin prices rapid rebound on Friday, began receiving terminal, the spot price also gradually raised, in 108000 - quotation 110000 yuan.
the raw material price is up to down
domestic tin concentrate prices remained stable this week. Although the finished product prices, price basic is not affected, but concentrate hunan jiangxi and guangxi 60 grade of tin concentrate prices in 87000 - still 88000 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week, less volume, it is difficult to receive goods at a lower price, businesses more cautious wait-and-see.
waste tin market slightly lower
this week waste tin following futures price cut, unleaded tin block price quote per kg - 90 91 yuan, down 2 yuan per kg from last week, silver tin price quote per kg - 174 177 yuan, down 2 yuan per kg from last week. Overall performance is strong, attract some terminal purchase, market trading slightly better.
above all, next week is expected to tin shock rebound, tin shock interval 15500 - Tin 105000 - $16500, Shanghai 110000 yuan/ton, the domestic spot tin ingots is expected in 106000 - 110000 yuan/ton.
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