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To break the foreign monopoly centrifugal extraction equipment, realize the independent innovation

by:Deyuan      2020-07-26

more than half a century, our country high-end centrifugal extraction equipment almost entirely by foreign monopoly centrifugal extraction equipment, the key to the future of the 'pain', most of the research institutes and institutions of higher learning at expensive price buy foreign equipment for experiments and research, in addition, in the industrial and military materials on the preparation of once bought abroad centrifugal extraction equipment, there is no doubt that exposure required extraction technology, rare element extraction capacity, production layout position. Cause great potential safety hazard to national security. Based on the above issues, what I have in the extraction and separation technology in the field of domestic progress, concentrate human, material and financial resources to develop a variety of national projects need special new device including: all new centrifugal extraction hydraulic device, the new extraction kinetics research device, the new type gas-liquid reaction device, the whole new nanoparticles separation device, the double helix solid-liquid separation device, etc. , including laboratory miniature centrifugal extractor, medium centrifugal extractor, and industrial centrifugal extraction equipment parts contact with material adopt all fluorine plastic material design, the core technology breakthrough: ~ : extreme performance, reached the international leading level, has broken the western developed countries technology blockade and monopoly, this high-end scientific research unit and in one 8 of the foreign similar products prices for your domestic many scientific research units and institutions of higher learning, the technology is widely used in home for the future laid a solid foundation.
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