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Traders bet on the fed will slowly increase Treasury yields down

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
U. S. Treasury yields on Thursday ( On August 18) Fell as bet on inflation in the United States is still below the fed's target of 2% and global risk to the American economy under the condition of uncertainty, the fed was in no hurry to raise interest rates.

the two-year Treasury yields fell nearly 3 basis points, to 0. 710%. On Wednesday, the yield on the federal reserve meeting minutes released shortly after 0 hit a three-week high. 774%.

the benchmark 10-year Treasury prices rose 8/32, yielding 1. 534% on Wednesday, down 1 basis point. The 30-year Treasury bond prices rose 10/32, yielding 2. Falling 258% and 1. Five basis points.

yields fall, July 26 - the fed on Wednesday 27 meeting records show that policy makers hope & other; Keep all sorts of policy options & throughout; 。

, analysts and investors said on Thursday the United States last week, initial jobless claims and the mid-atlantic region of the Philadelphia fed manufacturing activity data to support sustained economic growth in the United States, but not enough to prove that the U. S. economy can cope with a series of interest rate rises.

” From December the fed hinted that further increases in interest rates has been a long time, it's about raising interest rates again, but not for raising interest rates, & throughout; VoyaInvestmentManagement public head of fixed income MattToms said.

the New York fed President William Dudley said on Thursday, a strong job market, consolidating his earlier this week that the fed to raise interest rates.

according to Reuters data, interest rate futures suggests that traders expect the federal reserve on September 20 - The probability of 21 policy meeting to raise interest rates to 14%, and the late Wednesday.

investors said Treasury yields will likely stay in narrow range, the market waiting Jackson hole, Wyoming central bank conference next week, the fed chairman yellen will attend, her speech was expected to consolidate the fed to raise interest rates slow point of view.

” Markets that dovish policy makers a majority in the federal reserve, and also doves yellen, & throughout; FederatedInvestors cross-industry DonEllenberger strategy department supervisor.

on the supply side, analysts say, America's Treasury auction of $14 billion of five-year Treasury inflation-protected securities ( 提示) Demand is in line with average, and a second successive yield negative.
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