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Trading was active, tin short-term or consolidation

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Summary of the futures market.
Aaron tin shock strong today. Opened to $17975 in the morning, rapid decline after shocks to top $18000, hitting the lowest $17935, after some recovery, to press time closed at the lowest $17965, down $25, drop to zero. 14%. Volume reduced to 32 hands, 207 holdings 19163 hands, no more or less. Today Shanghai tin main shock downward. After rose after opening all the way down in the day, and fell to the lowest 119140 yuan, close to close again, closed at 119470 yuan, down 460 yuan, drop to zero. 38%, and an additional 70 to 13300 hand volume, open interest cut 682 to 14040 hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) , the spot tin mainly deal in 120000 - in the morning 121500 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day up 250 yuan/ton. Shanghai trading center spot tin metal extraction solution index in 120937. 5 points, a rise of 312 in the last trading day. 5. Period tin shock weak today, smelter has still not to resume production, shipment, few traders to move goods, market supply is tight, the downstream volume increases slightly, mainly for the large end demand, market trading interest is active. According to Shanghai trading center metal extraction solution results, traders believe that recent tin or shock.

【 Center point 】
the recent weak economic data in the United States, the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to drop, and on Tuesday the Japanese government announced that the stimulus package, a stronger yen, the dollar again weak, tin get support; Domestically, from the point of overnight Shibor continued downward, loose liquidity market trend remains unchanged, but the global manufacturing data, suppress the metal industry needs to improve, weak basic movements of metal, tin shock downward. Fundamentals, spot tin market supply of goods is not much, trader's price is intensely, the downstream demand pick, tin market basically stable. Technology, main Shanghai tin along the five - day moving average concussion, Yin line MACD, KDJ turn down, presents the downward trend, but below 20 daily average lines go flat, rail is still supported, in the forest and cloth material phase of tin in the short term, or a consolidation near 120000 yuan.
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