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Traditional Chinese medicine extract centella asiatica extract technology in the beauty industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
Traditional Chinese medicine extracting centella asiatica extract technology in the beauty industry

extract, centella asiatica extract: angiosperms door
centella asiatica, creeping perennial herb. Alias: 18 missing, collapse large bowl, water chestnut grass, gotu kola and cockle shell grass, copper grass, tiger grass, end up playing, etc. Born in damp wasteland, village, near the side of the road, the gutter. Stems voldemort, festival begins to take root. Leaves alternate, petiole; Blade circular or kidney-shaped, 2 ~ 4 cm in diameter.

2, centella asiatica extract. cwl - equipment
M centrifugal extraction separator structure as shown in figure 1,. cwl - M centrifugal extraction separator mainly have motor, drum, chassis, chassis, controller and so much.

3, centella asiatica extract. cwl - equipment M type centrifugal extraction machine separation principle
. cwl can use a single single-stage centrifugal extraction machine, also can use many sets of multistage. Single centrifugal extraction machine and its working process is as follows: the runtime raw material liquid and extraction agent from their inlet into the bottom of the machine, the high-speed rotating drum, two phase liquid into the complex vortex and turbulence state, full mixing and mass transfer. Then, in the rotating drum and fixed at the bottom of the form under the action of self-priming pump, impeller, the mixture after entering the drum drum at the bottom of the center hole inside; In block flow plate under the action of mixed liquid into the state of high speed rotating, dense phase, moving towards the drum wall, while the density of small to the central axis direction, after the separation of two phase out their discharging mouth finally, complete the mass transfer and phase separation process. At the different stages of the industrial post-processing, centella asiatica extract extracted using centrifugal extraction machines can achieve rapid extraction and separation of two phase, laid a solid foundation for industrial application.

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