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Traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment industry development

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology is to 'save the essence and discard the dregs', the process of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is the key to the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry development. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction is water decoction method commonly, boil 2 times, decoction high temperature, long time, large energy consumption, waste, at present the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment mainly include: multi-purpose extraction tank, heat reflux extraction device, aromatic oil extraction device, vacuum vacuum concentrator, spherical concentrator, cold heavy cans, cans, double effect distillation, solvent configuration concentration unit, crystallizing tank, macroporous resin adsorption elution device, membrane separation, membrane enrichment device, supercritical extraction device, microwave extraction device, ultrasonic extraction plant, and storage tanks, etc.
has been put into operation in our country's traditional Chinese medicine extraction process control system is mostly independent operation of the automatic control system, these systems have different degree to solve the problem of optimal control, improved the security of the production and the production efficiency, guarantee the consistency of equipment control.
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